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  1. good job @ FaZio' tho it doesnt matter for me anymore xx
  2. hi bro you was onfire today hahahah 

    1. Savitar




    2. Darha.


      haahah thanks man ur getting better each day too ❤️

  3. @ Joker yeahahhaha zest is offline so its my chance... xd but actually just wanna enjoy for now since school is about to be back xd
  4. Godmode usage is 1 per life. invisibility is ez.. if you're smart.. use the shock nade or in some occasion, shadows are still visible.. Furthermore, the sound is the most important stuff
  5. In-game name: [sG] Darha. SteamID : STEAM_0:0:441481840 Paypal name: Nigell Levy Paypal email address: divinekirin7@gmail.com Transaction ID: 6UH90866HD3762811 and 5X875084TN708813U Package you are purchasing: vip and points Additional Info: mighty mighty mighty mighty
  6. the golden ak was once 50 points and it became overused... literally anyone can abuse it. and it was sure 2 hit. highly versatile and unbalanced.. they can regain all the points they spent just by using golden ak so 70 points is the right choice after all.
  7. idc what u guys say but it's perfect the way it is lmao.
  8. Darha.


    i dont think thats possible... it has walkguard on it so... i got there once by tele knife and immediately died
  9. Darha.


    ehm how about we add back the custom skin customisation (like back in 2018 where we can buy skins and activate/deactivate in ctf) just wondering tho because having this vip skin makes me feel insecure... like all the players are going after me instead of anyone else(they dont give a f bout their kd) so ehm thats my suggestion uwu
  10. Like mighty insisted.... I disagree with vertigo but not Militia and can we add back the legendary de_blue and fy_dinoiceworld so overall my suggestions are cs_militia de_blue fy_dinoiceworld
  11. @ N3l$0n- i would like to add on this post that nelson did a great job... 1000 bans on going boiz
  12. Stay safe guys, I just made a donation for VIP. In-game name: презирай меня SteamID : STEAM_0:0:441481840 Paypal name: Nigell Timathy Paypal email address: divinekirin7@gmail.com Transaction ID: 2SS11204GU191635A Package you are purchasing: Basic CTF VIP Additional Info: ehm hope this'll help @ Egan @ MrOtstej>
  13. Darha.

    Grenade spamming

    i swear to god don't remove that nade. Zest is a mortal as long as that nade exist xd. it really is good against anything literally.
  14. Darha.

    Grenade spamming

    it's not even a disadvantage towards the others. disagreed. these nades are used weather to prohibit players from taking the flag . and its pretty good for team strategy on countering invisible players. and furthermore, that nade billy's using is from the points menu(gives 6 nade) which is bought for a few dozens of point. people can easily counter it if they use their mind properly like using the freeze nade or dictate their distance.
  15. we meant in ctf @ NightMarionne since we've already removed the knives and the teleport nade won't do anything if you go beyond the terrain.
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