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  1. confirmed and added all the vip... Please enjoy and thank you very much for your support!!
  2. Same here, I noticed that on the ZP server going nuts... but figured ya'll were on it or knew about it.
  3. @ Jader confirmed! Thank you. will set you up with elite status now and will take effect on the next map change.
  4. Confirmed! Thank you @ Genji for your support! Not in a place where I can do anything yet, so hopefully someone else can jump on this and take care of it.
  5. Confirmed! Thank you @ N3l$0n-
  6. @ Harry confirmed and thank you very much. Will have you set up with access soon! @ Pyro @ wicho - el patron
  7. Confirmed! Thank you very much @ Zest @ Zest I updated you, so you should be all set after the next map change
  8. painhappy

    kill sound

    Agree with @ Pyro
  9. @ Choober Thank you very much! You are confirmed. Will set you up!
  10. Will take a look at this tonight - don't have the map on this computer to view it, but I saw which map and will keep this and make it happen. Keep these coming. This is how we make the maps play better!
  11. Payment Confirmed! @ Zest you should be all set now. Updated it. Might need one map change to take effect if you hop on right now.
  12. Yeah, I remind players when I'm in there to not bother saying which site they are at, as the player can't read it. They try... But has no effect. Vote 0 = Remember when you could do that though? ha!
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