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  1. Sorry folks! Sick today for sure. Will try and take care of everything that I can or am able to do!
  2. On some of the new maps, there may not be enough "spawn points", so we may need to add more on the new maps. The de_nuke maps can be fun and we've had those maps in rotation since... well.. since forever I feel. Back in the sentry use days we were on that map. But it is true you can be locked in on either CT or T side if you get pushed back. Now the CTF shop and invisibility tends to help in that matter. We do have the ability to block camping points - invisible blocks to stop skywalkers, etc. These can also be used to put on top of boxes and other camping points. So if you see one that needs to go, let me know!
  3. He's been around long enough I'm assuming he's talking about the gameme points / CTF points.
  4. @ Egan @ MrOtstej>
  5. Rats is a CT death trap. I actually like that map as a play map, but not for CTF with our modifications. I would replace it. Vertigo sounds like a fun add...
  6. @ Egan @ MrOtstej>
  7. @ Tea I did not count the Temp Bans - and you've been working hard on the server keeping them in line! Thank you so much! It's not a die hard metric, so that's why I didn't put a ton of emphasis on it. If you had more permanent bans, then I need to find a better way to find them. We only counted from December 15th to January 15th. So if you go here: https://silentgamerz.org/banned/bans/index.html and enter in your admin name (I used Steam ID to be sure I got everything) you can count the permanent bans.
  8. Another month has gone by and in keeping with our New Year's Resolutions we want to keep this up on the 15th of every month. I'm including the new temp admins in the stats. Keep up the good work folks! Evaluation is on the following: Forum Activity: You need to be active on the forums to assist with any issues (ban resolutions) and questions new players may have. Plus this is a great place to hang out! In Game Activity: You need to be active on the server! Bans: Number of bans made in the past month Admin Name Last on Forum Server Activity (Days Connected) Numer of Bans @ Tea Jan 15, 2020 21 1 @ [D]arkLord Jan 15, 2020 26 21 @ Gypsy King Jan 4, 2020 0 0 @ Shady Jan 12, 2020 13 3 @ SoNic^!!!---> Jan 14, 2020 11 4 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi Jan 15, 2020 14 5 @ Ensoy 009 Jan 15, 2020 22 7 @ Dollar Jan 15, 2020 13 24 @ Lord Chaos Jan 15, 2020 18 6 @ painhappy Jan 15, 2020 28 13 @ Zombie Man Jan 15, 2020 31 21 @ N3l$0n- Jan 15, 2020 23 12 @ andres Jan 15, 2020 31 0 @ Zombie Man and @ andres you guys are amazing! You connected to the server each and every day. Just can't ask for better server activity than that! For the bans, I only counted permanent and non-reversed bans. Many of you have plenty of temporary bans also which is a HUGE part in making sure we have smooth play and even teams. Thank you for making and keeping the server going in the right direction! Please make sure you take the time to watch in spectator mode for hackers! @ [D]arkLord , @ Dollar , @ Zombie Man - Those bans speak volumes! You guys are going great work! @ Gypsy King : I don't know what happened to you, but you never replied to my PM here and haven't seen you on the server since last year. We are going to have to let you go and remove you from the admin list. Best of luck and I hope all is well. Please note: If anyone is going to be away for an extended time just drop a line and let us know. All we ask. If anyone has any questions or concerns please let me know! Also we are looking for a few more admins on the CTF server due to its popularity and the fact that we can't be on all the time. If you are an admin, please do your part in recruiting a few players you think would be a good fit on our team! All for this month, see you Feb 15th for another round! See you on the server!
  9. Updated 1/14/2020 Added @ andres as a trial admin - We wish him luck!
  10. Purchasing CTF Elite VIP for Justwatch I will set him up.
  11. @ Lucas Lucas, PM me your IP address please. I'll do some checking. I know of the hacker you are talking about and he's using your name since you use LAN.
  12. painhappy

    CTF maps

    I've been on the server when people complain when we go to a map they don't like... with the irony being the majority of the players voted to play it. As for the camping, warn the players when you are there. Apparently I got so good at that that people left when I showed up and others started asking me if place x was ok to hang at for a while. If people use the CTF shop wisely, they can go invisible and wreck havoc with the campers. It makes sitting in the same spot dangerous now. I believe we have the ability to work on some "camp meters" so look for that in the future.
  13. Thanks for all the fun on the server David... Hope to see you online soon!
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