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  1. I heard that kyoto said you are his bank charity
  2. Thank you for the support.
  3. There is 80.000 BsS do you want them?
  4. Confirmed. You can find his id on gameme.
  5. Thank you for your donation
  6. Already confirmed. Thank you for your donation. @ N3l$0n- feel free to add his points
  7. Thank you for your support.
  8. Thank you for your donation.
  9. Unconfirmed. Can't see your donation in the payments. Did you sent it as friend and family?
  10. Confirmed and added.
  11. Can you please send me your PayPal email thru private? I can't confirm without it.
  12. @ Sheep Become Legend of the community. Adding myself as Staff in Charge along with @ D.K. Roster Updated.
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