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  1. Mc EL CaTaLoNi

    Zest owned again

    Invisibilty Sorry but all player can do that with invisibilty bude ✌
  2. @ Lord Chaos Where are you, dude ? I don't see your name with us on the list... Or did something swallow it ? Or are you mired in darkness...? Hhhhhhhh Or something like that... Hhhhhhhhhh
  3. @ Dollar dude... Thank you so much for the tremendous work you've done I appreciate it. You're folk of this job. Stay with us. ✌ @ Zombie Man Impressive results, dude I wish you to be promoted to higher positions. Stay with us. Go sG
  4. Yes and i hope U rmv this map assault_upc and assault normal bcs player of CT skywalk and camp...
  5. @ Zombie Man You have not yet seen the speed of the special bunny hops of @ Vainglorious Believe me, you will forget joker, shady and dollar... And if he uses m3 It would be better for you to leave the game ... Especially if you want to keep your points ... Warm greetings @ Vainglorious ❤☺
  6. M3 is a deadly weapon. Especially for players who are proficient in using successive bunny jumps... By the way, I'm with the return of the m3 weapon.
  7. @ Zombie Man Thank you for this idea. But what is the desired benefit of this change or return m3 If we poll editing fans and players, they'd rather play with mp5.
  8. @ MainlyCute When you have time. I hope you take care of the requests of both @ Tea and @ JustWatch
  9. @ SoNic^!!!---> @ D.K. @ [D]arkLord @ Shady Please share your opinion with us on this topic ... @ JustWatch @ Zest Since you are a member of the CTF family You are not excluded from participating in the topic
  10. About personal experience I'm talking I found that most players prefer assault, rats, and dust2002 maps The best evidence for my words is server fullness during these maps ... and no AFK or spectat And all I wanted to say is that we have to focus on the opinions of the players' fans ... Good luck.
  11. My name In-Game : Mc EL CaTaLoNi #sG_ALGERIAN My SteamID : 538178952 It was almost : 3000.
  12. great work bro @ The Cocoman thanks for this Brother There is a suggestion I hope you will review I was hoping to add a jetpack to the item store for the purchase of points At a relatively low cost Because its price is very high, despite its great benefit and the appetite of most players for it ...
  13. @ DavidHaud We hope to see you soon, do not forget us, brother We are always here present With the protection and success of God
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