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  1. Thats why you record first, then take a SS during the recording. That way even if they turn it off or leave, you still have a legit demo taken and a SS as well.
  2. War

    Bug in DD2 menu

    Ok !! I will do as you recommend. Thanks ! another question .., I realize a lot of slowness to enter the forum. This happens to you too ? It is, everyone is experiencing it. We are trying to get it resolved. Most likely have a answer next week.
  3. Politicalscientist removed as SM. Moved to CTF.
  4. if we buy unlimited clip from ctf shop did we will get for all round , or just for one spawn? For spawn
  5. Forgot to ask before, but with mega knife, is foot speed going to go up? Other than that, sweet job baby girl.
  6. Name in-game: [sG] ^ Chris Assassin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:310798816 How new are you to the servers? Could have sworn we had a Chris Assassin here for a while now.
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