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  1. Yes you can put your steam id and if you want to transfer your points too you need a proof take a screenshot of your points.
  2. Que tierno este virgen me vas hacer llorar
  3. https://imgur.com/a/uNgreJ0 you can also add some cameras (trigger_camera) and you can add the silentgamerz logo
  4. @ Lemons I check your map is fine, it has a good combination of textures, good r_speed, good spots but there are places where there is a lot of darkness there is not much light, some spots can be improved, in this community we do not put armor on the maps, so it could replace with a weapon, if you want add me on steam and I will say there my suggestions
  5. You are a good person you should have your foundation called with that name
  6. Hello everyone, now the people who have these tags sG*, sG *, sG |, sG|, [sG], -sG-, sG-, sG -, sG#, sG #, sG, |sG|, sG ~ before the name will earn 15 points (five points more than those with only have the name) when they write the /get command, I have not tried it after the name so if anyone can try it post here if it works or not to place it in the main post. If you have another tag that can be added please post it.
  7. The basic vip include the admin skins, can some staff add the skins pls
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