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  1. thank you for your support
  2. hey guys if i ban someone for blocking or advertising does it count or no? cuz i use tempban for most blockers or not trying players.
  3. Awee Thank You im trying my best to be active but lately ive been so busy working a lot. gotta save as much money as i can baby is gonna be here in 3 months
  4. the bomb is actually 100 points lol and thats a lot.. i was on lgk server adn u can earn points there way faster and also everything is cheaper... every 500 dmg u get a point.. and sandbags are like 30. unlimited ammoi s 30 or 35.. is cheaper than on our server :S i dont have a problem with it but i had 30k points and i end up with 6k points lol didint earn anything. im just saying my opinion. i know everything costs money to keep the server up and stuff but thats kinda expensive lol
  5. thank you guys.. but still wicho please make the bomb little bit less stronger
  6. and again.... -AssoumA- killed LS with worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed Desesh Here to kill you with a headshot from worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed CxtUrKeY:-))-:-))cxcxcxcxcxcxcx with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed sG | #Tortilla# with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed SilentGamerz | Zombie Plague with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed old man bobo with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed <<<LeoGlaucia xj6 MANAUS AM>>> with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed PROOOOOOOFEEEZOOORVV with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed @:ozuna with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed Pro-I-Cent @SilentGamerz.Org with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed EL PRO with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed Kaneki with worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed Kevin with a headshot from worldspawn ***
  7. -AssoumA- killed ZERO_COUNTER STRIKE with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed Andrey with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed PROOOOOOOFEEEZOOORVV with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed Pro-I-Cent @SilentGamerz.Org with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed axel 8v with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed MrPerezg98 with worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed ASF | enzo | VIP with a headshot from worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed [sG] talk shit get hit. with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed ` p o o k i e with worldspawn ur pathetic assouma ? thats the second time.. and it was a big map again...
  8. your an idiot man.. im not mad cuz i lost nemesis? what the fuck are you talking about... this post is about the nuclear bomb not nemesis... learn how to read and dont call me immature punk... i told you you are annoying me. done talking to you peace out.
  9. you're only a vip im an admin without buying admin... i earn the admin thats why im trying my best to make the server better from others by posting stuff like this today ?
  10. bcuz u donated 71 bucks doesnt make u special.... you only come to the server and u play as a human when ur a zombie u stop trying... so just quit this dude.. u aint shit my friend.. i can donate 100 bucks anytime. im a full time job firefighter and i know i have an attitude ?
  11. im done talking to you anyway.. i want other staff to see this post. they will decide what to do... you are so annoying dude...
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