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  1. Me huele a formol It smells like formalin
  2. @ The Cocoman i'm proud of these guys, give them some coconut. @ MrOtstej>
  3. Thanks and enjoy.
  4. In fact it is a mistake that we could not fix but the temporary solution is that. you did well do not worry.
  5. It is an unwritten rule since it is logical, to let the final round pass a while and then leave to let another random player do what you did not do and in less time it is unfair. It would not be a problem if you did it only sometimes because you can have your reasons, but do it because you want and it is already a bad thing. @ wicho - el patron I have an idea that maybe it is a little better, that if the / rs command is enabled to reset the score, in this way, if someone are the first placer and he/she not want to be Neme / Surv he/she will leave second place first.
  6. Here the problem (if it can be called a problem), is that many of the rookie players cannot be Nemesis because of what AndSalx says, but... in fact, do the not-so-rookies and rookies have a chance? Zp is Pay to Win, having many Points always makes you dominant, even more than with: "skill only", therefore the most noobs could only dream of a special round where luckily they are chosen; and they have that great wall that also mentions AndSalx where if a player is very good, it will only make you go around like a fool. In summary. So that the last round is not so boring, it must remain as it is, and if you want to make the players experience being "Neme" or "Survivor" then start a vote with Classic Mods (the first list) if it is through an admin, They are random. and just to add: @ reliableakura , if what Anakin says is true, then I should inform you that what you do is illegal and can be punished with Ban. although well, only the Staff know about that.
  7. https://gamebanana.com/skins/173892
  8. Aunque seamos experimentados, podemos cometer errores, porfavor haz una publicación en la sección: Unbans Appeals con esta información: Nombre en el juego cuando fuiste baneado: Admin quien te dio el ban: Y solicitaremos una demo que Zombie debe de tener, de lo que se vea, te podríamos quitar el ban y pedir disculpas, pero porfavor haz lo que te dije, PERO LO MAS IMPORTANTE: hazlo todo en inglés.
  9. He wants his points back. He formatted his computer and lost his points.
  10. It was good to see you grow along your journey here, sG will always have the doors open for a player like you, take care.
  11. thanks for the support @The Mighty Don't Kneel
  12. To do what you say is impossible without changing the map. The maps are always static, we can only add one or another limited area but in the same way that we can put it, we must enter and remove it every time the server is full, it is annoying and can generate several problems such as bugs etc.
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