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  1. Está bien tomaré tu Admin y lo guardaré, suerte. @ N3l$0n- haz los arreglos en Amxbans, no sé quién es. Pls
  2. Is the territory of Nelson but I'll see if I can do something
  3. @ Itachi this is not unban appeals, it is admin abuse, SMs should watch the demo and give their opinion.
  4. first: aw second: as you can see, there are Staff and administrators who do their job as you say, so if you see this lack on the part of any of our administrators, including a Management, you can send us a message to D.K. or me and we will fix this problem, ok?. Thanks for your opinion.
  5. Wtf Is this shit trashed for mental health
  6. Thanks for the support
  7. Yeah, it's the wrong section but btw: Here are the requeriments for be a free admin: And if you wanna buy admin or vip: https://www.silentgamerz.org/forum/45-admin-vip-purchases/
  8. Thanks for the donation, enjoy.
  9. We can't do anything else, if an admin is not in the game you will have to wait for the player with the bomb to die. Part of the goal of planting the bomb is to cover the player who brings it even if it is a noob. On the other hand, we could make the player who has the bomb and not realize that he has it, appear spam messages only to he to tell him. like a: You have 20 seconds to plant x10. You have 10 seconds to plant x10. andif he don't plant it, lose 15 points. We can't add decent punishment to Cts because there are many cases where they just don't have time to defuse it. P.S., the counter for the loss of points of the tts would start in 40 seconds, I think it is more than enough time to take the c4 and put it.
  10. I think everyone knows it but they can see information about the players in a game, their statistics of kills, deaths (historically), points, their country and something else through the command: "status" (without quotes). just write it in the chat as if you were going to show it them all and you will see all the mentioned information.
  11. El problema es que el único que puede darte una repuesta certera es @ MainlyCute . Quién fue el que dió el castigo, los demás sólo podemos suponer lo que pasó, pero al final es él el que debe de responder. ///// ENGLISH ///// inshort, it all depends on Mainly.
  12. @ D.K. just an idea to understand something, when a 5 vs 5 occurs and between 1 player only (11 in total) what happens? Is the server supposed to reload to play a game of + 10? and if in this same process one of those players retires and there are 10 again, then does the server restart again to adjust to less than 10?
  13. ok I must not be a magician or fortune teller to know how this will continue then. 1. @ Barnzz do not assume that all players will be mature enough to understand what they are doing wrong, warn and / or threaten first before giving your punishment. 2. Your chat is definitely spam, you deserve a long gag, if you promise to think a little more about things and not continue spamming, your gag may end before. otherside, I don't think there is more talk about this subject, it will generate unnecessary drama. 3. It's 2:30 am in my country, wtf. Well, to sleep, good night.
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