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    A horror movie lover.
    i like birthdays, but i hate my own birthday.
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  1. Thanks for the supprt, we appreciated it.
  2. gameME --> reset statistic --> gone
  3. I bet the movie is just gonna like players shooting at zombies, only 1 purpose :V
  4. What r u gonna put? "The guy who constantly buying freeze nade to make zombie mad" It's 15 words maximum as the shop said, so u can do it. (unless what he meant was 15 letters ) @ wicho - el patron
  5. That's like the first place i put cheater zone in FK since i used that bug for a lot of times b4. @ FaZio'
  6. @ HOLLY BALLS thanks again, let's wait for @ The Mighty Don't Kneel or @ painhappy to set you up.
  7. Thanks for the support!!! And just to be clear, we are having easter event, so Legendary VIP is 15$ and admin is 6$ Original price: Legendary 20$, admin 8$. So right now u have extra 19$, u can buy anything with it.
  8. Scorpion, a well-known boss from zombie plague, he is the son of a guy, a legend, a vigilante, Sting (i bet only mighty understand what i am trying to say here). Below here is the list of bugs i have found so far for the scorpion: 1. http://www.mediafire.com/file/dqf663zq0r1mesr/bossbug21.dem/file This is a very common bug which everyone do to save their life. In this demo 1, scorpion use the tornado to make players fly and then get fall damage, but if u see, 2 players use a glitch where if they stand at the wall, pressing W and spamming A, D, jump, they won't be levitated or they will slowly fall down which make players take less damage or no damage at all.2. 2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/uw9ugfoo6d6xt8d/bossbug22.dem/file this is a very common bug which everyone use to safe their life. By staying far away from the scorpion, keep jumping while scorpion is sucking you in, u will not get to the scorpion and easily escape from the tornado. This also a thing when Illidian boss try to make some one to control him and some people keep jumping so they don't have to control and the illidian boss will just stay in 1 spot. 3. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8bsl4e7m1hlhyf0/bugboss3.dem/file This is a very rare bug which was found first by me or can only do by me to make the boss unable to move or kill, this bug i mentioned it last month to you btw. By staying at the corner, jump and keep holding duck, A and S, i was able to stuck on the corner, when the boss come he stuck there, you can see it in the demo. The boss only stuck when i am stuck on the corner in the air, if i just stand at the corner, the bug can't be happened.4. 4. http://www.mediafire.com/file/avydbhfwpb7oeoc/bossbug4.dem/file A very very rare bug which only happen 1 time. Looking at the demo u will understand what i am saying, at first, idk why this bug happened, until i found the difference. You can see when the boss froze 2 players, they both were jumping at levitate on the air, when the boss use "running strike" power, boss got stuck there forever, and the other 2 won't die. Usually when people get froze, they only stand on the ground, but after watching the demo again, i think the jumping had made the boss glitched/bugged. This is a list of bugs for @ wicho - el patron to watch/look/spectate/examine/detecting/observe/view/stare at/ keep an eye on/gaze/inspect/see/notice/take care and fix it, if anyone have time to watch, then welcome. P/s:
  9. @ Kyoto x Julia Bardera bro using too much different steam account account joining ZP, only active total of 1 day lol.
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