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  1. @ krazy This is admin abuse report, only SM+ can post, if we saw you post again, there will be consequence. Please read the rule again and Warned. and also, he actually warn him using y@@, therefore it wasn't in the chat log. Barnz said "they r fucking camping" is when he is being killed by molecule who is camper at that time which make him kinda angry. Besides, molecule isn't even a "try" player at all. He bought bomb, he killed people, he missed the bomb, he just ran away. Last admin abuse report, I banned molecule for Blocker last time, and sorry it wasn't blocker, I put the wrong reason to ban but should have been CAMPER.
  2. I was there, they were camping while playing rescue mode which make molecule and YFZ win, Barnz slayed them on that round. Then next round, molecule have said a disrespectful word, which make Barnz had to ban him for disrespect. You can clearly see half of what happened in the console from the ss.
  3. Well well well, i hope someone is gonna watch him because i'm scared that he will do something stupid.
  4. @ JayKiikx be patient, calm down, u need to fill this up so the staff+ can get the legendary vip for you. In-game name: SteamID : Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transaction ID: Package you are purchasing: Additional Info: and remember: no refund.
  5. well every vips used to have slap/slay/kick commands until i got told by Mighty and everyone that Vips can't use slap/slay/kick anymore, but sometimes, u can still use the commands, idk why...? To answer your question: No.
  6. Ngày cô ấy đi theo nơi phồn hoa, chàng trai bơ vơ từ xa trong tim hụt hẫng như mất 1 thứ gì

  7. NOt having auto unstuck is a very bad idea also, in Fatal Killerz, when player use the slender man sword, they got stuck there, can't move at all, if player look up and tele up, they will stuck there forever until the round end. Glitching ouside might be rare, but having automatic unstuck is better, and it doesn't matter if there is a command for /unstuck or auto unstuck, they still do 1 job, that's keep u out of the stuck.
  8. Oh, ok, i didn't know that, well i accept this failure as a lesson then.
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