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  1. Well ... I'll take care of this guy. Everything you mention in your thread is not at all an "Abuse." That is the benefits that one acquires when buying "VIP". You also say this: But do you have proofs to support this accusation? If you have proof, please post them. Now, considering your chat history, your attitude is quite toxic towards the players and staff of our community and is enough to ban you. I warned you several times and you ignored it, for now I will not do anything with you, but the next time something like this happens, I will gag you for 30 minutes, and time will continue to increase until you change your attitude.
  2. @ demons13 *_* This is an English-speaking forum, translate your thread into English. Use this format or your report will not be valid. Thanks.
  3. @ N3l$0n- Be patient, the staff is not a machine that is 24/7 on a PC.
  4. Added @ just watch as Donator. Thanks for supporting us!
  5. @ MJGamingPH I dont like that you created a thread just so that the community congratulates you, anyway Happy Birthday!.
  6. @ XxjöhññìêxX Thanks for the support. ❤❤❤ Enjoy our servers.
  7. @ ENZO EL MEJOR *_* Complete with the data of your purchase the format mentioned by Wicho. Thanks.
  8. @ Sheep @ MainlyCute @ Pyro Move this to "Spanish Section", please. Thanks.
  9. @ kevinmx Create a thread in "Unban Appeals" and use this format. https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/forum/27-unban-appeals/ In English, please. Thanks.
  10. @ DavidHaud See you later!
  11. @ Yonatan Here you can check the prices and benefits of all servers: You can also find discounts for Christmas in this post for a limited time:
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