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  1. Updated 04/07/2020: @ Mario has been promoted to "Server Admin". Congratulations!.
  2. @ N3l$0n- Only a Server Manager can use that command mate... @ dog] If the map is bugged, speak with a SM or STAFF + to help you. If they are not available, send a message to any SM or STAFF+ and ask if you can change the map.
  3. Updated 04/02/2020: @ krazy 's "Trial Admin" has been extended for one week (Until 04/09/2020). Good luck!.
  4. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel Dont lie... Week=Year... (Joke)
  5. Updated 04/01/2020: Added @ dog] as "Donators". Thanks for supporting us!.
  6. Updated 03/31/2020: @ Gypsy King has been promoted to "Server Admin". Welcome back!
  7. @ Zest @ krazy Although I don't like cs_assault maps, those maps are the most popular and the one of the most played on the server, I don't think removing them is a good idea. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel It would be nice to try adding some new maps from cs_assualt and see if players like it or not. I'll search for maps and add them here (only the ones that seem good to the server).
  8. Updated 03/30/2020: @ Mario 's "Trial Admin" has been extended again for another more week (Until 04/06/2020). Good luck!
  9. @ frAd^ That is to avoid spam, although you can put the link of our website in the HUD.
  10. @ fAd ^ You are talking about the HUD messages? (amx_tsay?)
  11. Updated 03/27/2020: @ hossein has been promoted to "Server Admin". Welcome to the team, congratulations!.
  12. Updated 03/25/2020: @ mariano failed his 14 day period as "Trial Admin". Feel free to reapply next month (04/25/2020).
  13. I just turned off the PC ... @ MainlyCute @ Sheep @ Pyro Move this thread to "Cheater Reports" section please.
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