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  1. if you see players camping in a special round warn them to move their asses by using 'hud_message in screen", then if they didn't move you are allowed to slay them, warning is important if you see players disrespecting/cursing warn them to shut their fucking mouth, if they didn't shut it you can gag them and if the gag didn't work you can ban them, warning is important P.S: the hud message of admins doesn't appear in gameme P.S2: alive players can't see the dead chat and same for others Cr71stBayern.mp4
  2. what actually happens is this: for exemple when you join this zp server (x zp server) you download all the ressources of this server, so you download sprites too, so if this zp server have for exemple (awpsprite) for a certain extra item, what will happen is if you joined another zp server for exemple (sg zp server) you download all the ressources of this server too, and now pay attention what happens is that this sg zp server have also an extra item with the same sprite (awpsprite) that are used on the other x zp server, so the thing is your cs sprites folder get confused so the same sprite get deleted and became missed from the folder the solution is to delete all your cs 1.6 folder and re-download all ressources from begining and re-join the server that you wanted to play on it, and stop playing in the other zp server that have the same sprite of the old one
  3. post your nickname and steam id in this topic and wait for Manager to give you the points just be patient once he will join the server he will give you the points
  4. i am sorry i can't do nothing this is too much for me to handle i tried my fucking best to solve it i will just leave it to zp managers @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ wicho - el patron
  5. jeanki don't bother your self man he won't ungag you, just wait for your 7 days or wait for mighty response i have tried to clear and finish the problem in the best way but guess what retarded people are everywhere @ Genji you should have gagged him your self man in the first place, or leave it away instead of telling barnzz about the situation that's not good at all also don't bother your self to reply to me because i ain't responding my friend @ The Mighty Don't Kneel on your hands now
  6. it's great that you apologized to Barnzz fair play for you @ Barnzz i pass you the ball now since you're the admin that gaged him so it's your decision to ungag him or not, and i know you won't disappoint me on this one also keep in mind that jeanki is by far the only player that apologised in any complaining topic from all the other ones so take take that into consideration too
  7. ok let's deal with this once and for all @ JEANKI listen Barnzz has showed profs of you cursing and typing the dick symbole(.I.) on him wich is bad for you, you should not do that i know you wrote it in a rage mood but still you can't do it to Barnzz because this is disrespect towards admins ok on the other hand i know Barnzz and he don't like fucking problems so let's finish this and make a new fucking paper @ JEANKI since you don't have any profs of what you are saying Barnzz is still right and the gag will stays on that situation unless you apologise to Barnzz wich i know he will ungag you if you do that APOLOGISE TO HIM AND FORGET ALL WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS AND START A FRESH FUCKING START
  8. Barnzz stop it, stop going back and forth with him, it will fuck you up man trust me just stop it
  9. @ JEANKI di tu versión de tu historia y dime por que escribiste .I. a Barnzz sabes que es ilegal y el puede gag o prohibirte por eso, tu conoces a ese hombre no puedo traducir todo lo que Barnzz dijo al espanol, no soy tan bueno en espanol, pero esta hablando de que lo insultaste y trataste de enojarlo si eso es cierto, la mordaza se mantendra a menos que te disculpes con el
  10. @ Ydna post your nickname and steamid in this topic for feee 500 points
  11. -AssoumA-

    Simeone <3

  12. -AssoumA-


    lmao true story PS: el pija de cocoperra
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