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  1. what actually happens is this: for exemple when you join this zp server (x zp server) you download all the ressources of this server, so you download sprites too, so if this zp server have for exemple (awpsprite) for a certain extra item, what will happen is if you joined another zp server for exemple (sg zp server) you download all the ressources of this server too, and now pay attention what happens is that this sg zp server have also an extra item with the same sprite (awpsprite) that are used on the other x zp server, so the thing is your cs sprites folder get confused so the same sprite get deleted and became missed from the folder the solution is to delete all your cs 1.6 folder and re-download all ressources from begining and re-join the server that you wanted to play on it, and stop playing in the other zp server that have the same sprite of the old one
  2. @ Old Man Bobo dm me bobo i can help you
  3. post your nickname and steam id in this topic and wait for Manager to give you the points just be patient once he will join the server he will give you the points
  4. @ Ydna post your nickname and steamid in this topic for feee 500 points
  5. -AssoumA-

    Simeone <3

  6. -AssoumA-


    lmao true story PS: el pija de cocoperra
  7. @ Egan @ MrOtstej> thanks for your support
  8. @ Egan @ MrOtstej> thanks for your support
  9. @ DavidHaud studies and life came first, take care of yourself buddy...
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone from Santa AssoumA
  11. @ MrOtstej> @ Egan thanks for support...
  12. @ JEANKI just wait for wicho to be online in both forum and server, then sent a private message to him and he will give you your points back solo espere a que wicho este en linea tanto en el foro como en el servidor, luego enviele un mensaje privado y el le dara sus puntos otup
  13. send a private message to wicho and he will give you your points when he is in the server envia un mensaje privado a wicho y el te dara tus puntos cuando este en el servidor otup
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