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  1. Sorry guys......I have a problem again..... sorry Why cant i do weekly or monthly boost ? Receipt no - 1JE3883459865050S Daily Boost - Surf. Hourly boost Merchant details - krnic@gmail com Under there is stated limit reached for all ip i type in. " week boost will be available on 11.08.2019"
  2. Hi.......very sorry again...bother you guys... but i just receive an email said that my fund has been refunded by the recipent. it my account it stated - "fund denied by recipent" shown on image below. Is it mistake in clicking and should i do it one more time ? Very sorry again......
  3. Donated USD 10, but not sure if it received? Because i did not see any update in the donation box. But from my paypal account it went through...because i dont really know how to send "as friend" as i hardly uses paypal... My Paypal is business account and i can't find the friend setting...... anyway hope it went through thank :D Transaction ID: 9N2151831N1851406 Email : eunhan86@gmail.com Paypal business name : RCM United Very very sorry for opening a topic again.....
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