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    Dance is my passion but not my profession
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  1. Thanks for the support!!! Have fun!!!!
  2. Thanks for the support!! Have fun!!!
  3. Thanks for your support xD
  4. Where are you?

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      HEy what's up?


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    Thanks for your support!!
  6. Ragini15


    Thanks for your support!!
  7. Thanks for your support. Have fun!!!!
  8. ACTIVITY CHECK-ZOMBIE PLAGUE TEAM Activity evaluation system is especially helpful in improving our efficiency more effectively. 1.Forum Activity: Server Admins need to be active in Fourms. 2.In-Game Activity: Server Admins need to be active in Servers in sustainable basis. 3.Bans: Number of bans made during December and Half of January. *Temporary bans are excluded. Admin Name Last vist On Fourms In-Game Activity Number of Bans @ Pyro January 16,2020 22 days 2 @ wicho - el patron January 16,2020 188 days 3 @ Joker January 16,2020 47 days 2 @ Barnzz January 15,2020 14 days 4 @ -AssoumA- January 16,2020 26 days 2 @ MrKiller November 9,2019 5 days 0 @ AndSalx January 16,2020 21 days 8 @ Falixx December 12,2019 19 days 0 @ HuMpTy December 12,2019 63 days 12 @ Pro-I-Cent January 9,2020 12 days 0 @ rOy January 13,2020 4 days 0 @ Suzana January 11,2020 07:45:44 Hours 0 @ #Tortilla# TheFath3r December 22,2019 9 days 0 @ Phantom Peteyy. January 16,2020 15 days 10 @ Kyoto x Julia Bardera January 15,2020 22:43:48 Hours 0 @ sG Simon January 16,2020 19 days 3 @ reliableakura January 16,2020 3 days 0 @ Nymph January 16,2020 14 days 17 @ Ragini15 January 16,2020 26 days 4 The way you all have put up all your efforts on this sG deserves every bit of appreciation. Well done guyzz! @ Pyro Leader is one who is unlocking people’s potential to become better and you are doing this great .Keep up the good work! @ wicho - el patron Having someone like you who’s not only a great innovator but also pulls his best to get the work done so beautifully needs nothing but appreciation. Thanks for the well off work! Keep up the fabulous work! @ Joker Thanks for being a key of sG Zombie Plague. You played a major role behind our all success. Is there anything you can’t accomplish?! @ Barnzz You are so organized, efficient, and result-oriented. Congratulations and Thank you. Thank you for being one among the most interesting people in sG. @ MrKiller @ Falixx @ #Tortilla# TheFath3r You’re Activity is less in server and Fourms.Anyways Wish you the best in your future endeavors .Thanks for the time and effort that you spend in sG. @ -AssoumA- Thank you for all the support you have given to sG.We're so grateful for all of your time in sG and continued support. It means a lot! We're so lucky to have some good friends around us. @ AndSalx You’re an amazing person. We just wanted to say thanks for making the sG Zombie Plague Server a more fun place to be. You’re really good at cheering us all up! @ Pro-I-Cent @ rOy @ Kyoto x Julia Bardera It’s a pleasure to play with you guyz who knows how to make a friendly and inspiring place. I really appreciate your time and effort.Thank you for being part of sG. @ Phantom Peteyy. We truly enjoy playing with you, you are an amazing. We really appreciate your time and effort.We wish you the best in your future endeavors. @ HuMpTy We are frequently amazed by the ban results you produce! Well done is better than well said and you have proved it with your great effort. Keep up the good spirit! @ sG Simon You are Really doing well. Your efforts at increasing our culture don’t go unnoticed. Keep up the good work!Thanks for your time and effort that you spend in sG. @ reliableakura Thank you for all your help. I'm happy to have you as a part of sG. In the short time you have been here, you have really helped to make things run smoothly.Have Fun!!! @ Nymph It’s honestly hard to explain how integral you are to this Demo Reviewer team. Thank you for being so flexible. Keep up the great work! Talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything. Thank you all for your excellent work!
  9. hello pls no scare how i becum afk manaher? manythanks

  10. Wish you a many more happy returns of the day Have a nice day!!
  11. @ reliableakura I really really appreciate you .You really surprised me.But the thing is if i accept this my studies get disturbed,so I'm sorry don't mistake me i hope you understand. @ MainlyCute can you take away vip and add him points pacakage for 30$.Thank you. I hope all enjoying Christmas.
  12. Best of luck in your new endeavor.See you soon!!
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