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  1. This activity check was only conducted on CO-SMs, Server Admins and Demo Reviewers Pete, we all already know how much u contribute in our hearts @ Phantom Peteyy.
  2. ACTIVITY CHECK ZOMBIE PLAGUE TEAM Activity evaluation system is especially helpful in improving our efficiency more effectively. 1. Forum Activity - Server Admins need to be active in Forums. 2. In-game Activity - Server Admins need to be active in Servers following a sustainable basis. 3. Bans - Number of Bans made in March to April - Temporary bans are excluded. Admin Name Last Visit On Forums In-Game Activity Number of Bans @ Barnzz 7th April 2020 20 days 2 @ Genji 7th April 2020 15 days 3 @ -AssoumA- 7th April 2020 38 days 1 @ reliableakura 7th April 2020 11 days 0 @ HuMpTy 12th December 2019 84 days 0 @ xPose` 7th April 2020 7 days 0 @ rOy 29th March 2020 4 days 0 @ Suzana 15th March 2020 18 hours 0 @ Kyoto x Julia Bardera 1st March 2020 1 day 0 @ Pro-I-Cent 7th April 2020 13 days 0 @ AndSalx 4th March 2020 23 days 1 @ Ragini15 7th April 2020 25 days 1 @ Joker 7th April 2020 52 days 6 @ Nymph 7th April 2020 14 days 2 @ Genji You are active, hardworking and full of dedication to ZP. Keep up the great work @ -AssoumA- Your efforts and contribution to ZP are greatly appreciated by all of us. Keep up the great work @ reliableakura Thank you for all the support you have given to sG. Your time and devotion to ZP is very much appreciated @ HuMpTy You are active and always on the server watching out for hackers. Thank you for your active contribution in keeping ZP safe @ xPose` You've just joined our team and I wish you all the best and cheers to working with us in keeping ZP fun and safe @ rOy You are one of the longest admin in our team, thank you for your time and contribution to ZP. @ Kyoto x Julia Bardera You are crazily fun to be with and a strafe bully, Thank you for making ZP much more fun to play with when you're around, p.s. YOU ARE MISSED, be more ACTIVE @ Pro-I-Cent Thank you for being one of our longest contributor to ZP, i know you are about to become a Dad and am cheering u on your journey as one @ AndSalx You are also one of the longest contributor to ZP and thank you for always being the one to make ZP a friendly and conducive place to have fun @ Ragini15 You are so nice and lovely, thank you for your active contribution in ensuring ZP stays safe and fun. Thank you for being a part of the team. @ Joker You are one of the longest and active contributor to ZP. Your efforts and devotion to ZP will always be appreciated by us all. Thank you for everything u have given to sG and in ZP. @ Nymph You have been an important part of the Demo Reviewer team, thank you for contributing time and effort to detect hackers and ensure ZP stays safe and fun @ Suzana Your activity in forums and in game is rather low. Be that as it may, your past contributions and activeness are appreciated by us all. To all my dear Admins and fellow CO-SMs, Let's continue to keep up the great work together and strive to constantly make ZP a fun and amazing server for all of our players. Do what is right and we will always have your backs regardless of anything. Always know that we are a family and together we can overcome any problems to come. Thank you for your time and dedication to ZP server. Love yall
  3. Admin abuse? Don't give me the shit that its in human nature to say an abusive word over a game. That itself is a contradiction, rage over a game?? Break the rules and face the consequences, i warned u not to camp u still did, so i slayed u, u proceeded to break another rule by being disrespectful after breaking one rule. U deserved that ban and the evidence above all shows why. Banning is not fair but u cursing at admins is fair??? If u cant handle the consequences then shut up and not do anything. It's a joke and the entire mindset u have towards this is baffling and hypocritical. FYI, @ -AssoumA- I already warned him in HUD DO NOT CAMP and he still proceeded too which is why i slayed him. It's ridiculous to warn him again when he outright cursed at me for breaking the rule which is why the ban was there for. It's ridiculous to condemn his behavior when he has clearly broken 2 rules back to back.
  4. Updated 02/04/2020 @ xPose` has been added as server admin, welcome and congrats
  5. Barnzz


    Thanks for the support
  6. You seem to be capable of running your mouth but incapable of being accountable for your actions. Apologises are made when you made a mistake, u made the mistakes which were all supported by the proof I have commented earlier while I have not. There is no need on my end to apologise to u and I have already justified why the gag will still go on. People like you have to be warned/threatened to get messages sent across to u, if U’re so worried and unable to afford the consequences, then why start insulting me to begin with? Why did everything u done? Reflect upon your own meaningless actions before running your mouth again. After all, your actions were worthy of a ban yet u were gagged only.
  7. Conscience clear when I have all the supporting evidence and proof given as above. You must be delusional or something, it’s worrying. Gotta learn to be held accountable for your actions kid, saying sorry isn’t a get out of jail free card.
  8. So now, you wanna just be like him don’t u, calling your own fellow CO-SM of the same server retarded? Bruh, just because things don go your way doesn’t mean it’s retarded, it’s retarded to just ungag him when he Doesn’t even know what he did wrong. Furthermore I have given proof of his mistakes which is why he deserved this gag. Idk why U’re defending/siding the person who made the mistake as well as worsening the situation by calling me retarded indirectly, but it’s yet another pathetic and unprofessional attempt from someone I’ll never expect to have come. Until now, he is demanding for an apology when I have not done anything wrong, until now all he has done is given groundless accusations, if yall are going to work this way, reality ain’t going to be fun for yall, just keep on living unrealistically and well, anything that floats your boat.
  9. I acknowledge that u apologised for your actions but in my honest opinion, the gag will stay on for you are to be held accountable for your groundless accusations and actions. You should be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions and if you're not able to do so then jolly well be careful of your own actions. Next time, this will not result in just a gag only. @ Pyro If u have anything to add on, kindly do so, if not please trash this.
  10. Sure thing, you're definitely a man for only being able to come up with groundless accusation
  11. Bruh, show me the truth then that I insulted u LOL. show it to me because I clearly know that I didnt. I really don care about what u think of me, what i care about are your false claims and allegations when all I've done is provided evidence to back up my claims. Also, coming from a real mature 30 year old dude lul.
  12. Assouma, look at the chat history, it clearly shows him saying im a fucked admin when i wasnt playing in the server and this can further be proven by @ Genji who personally told me about this. Everything can be proven from the chat history I have attached from before.
  13. http://silentgamerz.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/2264360 tell me where in the world i called u a shit player. If u cant speak english or understand english then go and ask before accusing me more. It's just making u, a 30 year old more pathetic. Respect to be respected and u shittalk me when im not in the server. How mature of a 30 year old kid LOL
  14. "it goes on mutating, it gives slays without reason, kicks, etc." Slays without reasons? Maybe u can't seem to read the server rules? Everything I have done, I have done it with reasons to back my actions up. Can't see what part of rule 16 U dont seem to understand? I love how u're writing all these rubbish without reasonable grounds in your attempt to bring my credibility down as an admin. TBH, it's a pathetic attempt, you wanna claim that other community players also have their complains of me, on my own end, I can easily provide a list of players who have known me for being fair and doing my job to enforce the rules of this server. Just because other admins choose to give chances or be lenient or practically ignore players who break the rules doesn't mean I also have to follow them. Rules are here for a reason if u can't follow them then jolly well accept the consequences of breaking the rules.
  15. Lmao, @ Genji please share what this ignorant and hypocritical kid wrote when I was not in the server that u sent a pm to me about. Secondly, I gagged u because u were the one trying to stir the fight with me. U wanna talk shit about me? Say it to my face, don cower and hide behind when I'm not in the server to call me a fked admin. Don't need to bring in other community players when you firstly came into the server, infected me and then proceed to type a middle finger to kickstart this whole commotion? My relationship with other community players are all fine except to those selective few who are immature and just loves to stir shit with me like you. If u dare to type, why not dare to face the consequence? I then slay a player who wasnt trying in the server and u proceeded to comment on my behaviour that all i know is slaying? I'm enforcing rules and if u're not old enough to face the consequences of your actions then be a mute and not type at all to me lmao. I'm doing u a favour by gagging your filthy mouth since u cant seem to afford the result of your behaviour. U wanna stir shit with me by insulting me and typing middle fingers, I'm more than happy to take u up for it but just so u know, u're just another wimp who cannot owe up to your actions and face the results of your choice to insult me. U were trying to pissed me off with your comments like YESSS PYRO after he caught me in HNS and so many more actions from you that indicated that you're trying to start a fight with me in the server. Go and reflect on your own actions before acting like the victim here, you disgust me. http://silentgamerz.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/1972077
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