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  1. Have u tried today or after the map changed? If so kindly wait for a staff to review/check your access codes and fix it if there is an issue with it. Thanks
  2. It was a glitch, he has his admin powers, i checked it already.
  3. Barnzz


    Thank you for the support and enjoy
  4. Barnzz


    Thanks for the support
  5. Updated 01/19/2020 @ xPose` is undergoing a 14 days admin trial. Goodluck!
  6. what is this? If this was regarding the ban of Diva, U already failed your admin trial period and when it was time for u to present your evidence, you failed to do so in the required time. Also, it seems like u did not read the rules and or lack knowledge that evidence should be in .dem format for DR+ to view them. Furthermore, u did not change your forum name to fit your in game name as told before. There is no way u will be an admin with the actions u have taken as mentioned by Pyro too in here.
  7. He created another topic and said the same thing in English maybe it will help?
  8. I wrote / buyvip and sent that message twice to the server. and send to 22533 FOR GTCS> 27015 Juan410cc That what he is saying.
  9. I already addressed this in another similar topic created by u earlier and already tagged the owners, u just need to wait for their response. Please refrain from creating duplicate topics to avoid confusion.
  10. https://www.silentgamerz.org/donate/make-donation/ vaya a https://www.silentgamerz.org/donate/make-donation/ y done para comprar vip
  11. In-game name: sG|Barnzzz SteamID : STEAM_0:0:237374167 Paypal name: Rachel Paypal email address: Transaction ID: 32M10800M5798294J. Package you are purchasing: 47k points package Additional Info:
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