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  1. Fsssuy

    Destiny 2

    When I saw destiny 2 "105" GB I was like
  2. I had this same problem but it was with me can't get into Cs 1.6 for some reason after that idk how it really got fixed I also had the same problem of joining some servers such as Zombie plagues when i tried to change my resolution I could've join the servers i couldn't join on past idk if it was the reason or its anything else try to change your resolution if it doesn't work I'll try to look for other ways to help
  3. @YT elor gamerhey brother I would like to have some advices to make proper good quality sG vids (◠‿◕)
  4. Thank you for the support papa @Pro-I-Cent ◐.̃◐
  5. On this one it's true this hacker didin't just pop on our Server he keeps joining and evading the bans the admins gave him keeps changing names no matter that setting of allowing the player to change his name 2 times only every map. I advice you to keep players on zp with only 1 name why do they need to change their names tho? i might still have the demo of that speed hacker i think i think it's the guy who assouma banned ethernal darkness thinking it was him the hacker on accident If you need that demo ill surely help yall
  6. on this one i'm with you @Pro-I-Centthe bomb is too strong and can kill zombies far away really far i recommend transfering that bomb into a normal bomb wish when the vip gets attacked by alot of zombies he can throw it at them like the infection nade
  7. Thank you for the support Roy ! ? @The Mighty Don't Kneel
  8. Thanks for the support ! ?
  9. Ok thx and sorry for not having a proof,I'm really am.
  10. Mighty bro how can i have a proof i never screen shoted my points.. :v
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