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  1. @The Mighty Don't Kneel @MainlyCute and now guys after that you know my situation i hope you do understand me in the second post i donated for the community because i love it and i am trying to keep hackers away in any possible way and i am willing to donate more guys i just hope you guys understand my situtation
  2. listen guys i have never abused my admin and i have never done anything wrong or used my admin powers in a bad way and i have always provided demos of my bans the only thing that i get hated for it it's because i bought VIP @Pyro you said that i overused what i paid for ? what do you mean by overused what i paid for i can use what ever i want i bought the vip and you say that with more access you have abuse ?i never abused please post a prof of me abusing you just didn't want me to be admin because i explained to you my problem and instead of helping me you start to talk about my vip items and how do i use them yes i said soory because i wanted to become admin not because i abusedthe only thing that i wanted you to help me on it is to switch my legendary vip to basic + admin because mighty forgot to remove my legendary vip when he switched the admin but no instead of helping me you start talking shit about how i enjoyed the vip and how i used the nuclear bomb so pyro you just lied about me abusing admin and talked shit about my vip why did you do this man the only thing that i wanted is to switch my vip i love this server so much and i want to protect him i know i am kinda immature but doesn't make a sense if i am a vip i can't became admin i hope you guyz feel me post in like this way and look what pyro said to me
  3. in game name ;sG# AMINEPRO steam ID ;STEAM_0:0:1318656473 Im not a new user but i didnt get the free points any time
  4. in game name ;sG# AMINEPRO steam ID ;STEAM_0:0:1318656473
  5. after the hacker changed his name and ID becuz when he get banned (reason multihack) he back
  6. ok i think the demos topic about all
  7. i see the topic of a staff and he say all the admins will asked about all the bans and they must give demos
  8. @MainlyCute @The Mighty Don't Kneel
  9. video 1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/qkpu21cc996ceb3/hl_2019-09-10_02-24-50-57.avi/file 2 https://www.mediafire.com/file/8mqx54n41p4dsly/hl_2019-09-10_02-23-45-65.avi/file 3 https://www.mediafire.com/file/0dquegq74xw1kz5/hl_2019-09-10_02-23-15-39.avi/file all short videos only when he is using his hack DONT OPEN IT IN GAME OPEN it in video player progamme
  10. If i see any bug or glitch sure i will tell thé cumunity first
  11. what But I showed it to you to fix it, not to give me a ban
  12. sG# AMINEPRO


    Hello everyone Today I discovered Glitch It increases weapon damage You started buying a weapon m4a1 frost And then I bought a weapon m4a1 silver Vahdt I first weapon did not throw And I damage has become 300 in the buddy and 500_600 in the head It's as if I carry the two weapons together at the same time and fire them
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