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    vivos con mis padre tengo 15 anos no trabajo
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  1. name in game: jesus STEAM id_0:0:87265049 How do I know if the points arrive?
  2. name in game: jesus STEAM id_0:0:87265049

    Peteyy with m you can take away the ban you gave me for nothing like that we would kill you take it away from me

    1. Phantom Peteyy.

      Phantom Peteyy.

      let me ask u, when the human is right in front of u, why did u not kill him? and let him runaway?

  4. as they told me that if I caught a hacker they would let me be a zombie plague server admin and here I have the demo hacker test.dem This is the demo but I don't know much but I learn
  5. name in-game: jesus steamid: STEAM_0:0:1797730433
  6. name in game: jesus STEAM id:0:0:87265049
  7. Well, this mode is based on all the players having a Desert Eagle and there will be many chickens running away so that they don't kill them and in the winner it will be in which more matte chickens can be put as we suppose that kills 20 is the winner and all the others players will die
  8. I want to help but I'm not an admin yet, I play 24 hours a day even though sometimes I'm not playing but I know that if they cheat with hack and that bothers a lot
  9. Hola que es esto de donación para que es ayuda

  10. name: jesus STEAM_0:0:87265049 es es lo que necesitan me avisan si necesitan cuarquiera cosa
  11. hola soy nuevo me ayudarían con esto por favor es que nose como es esto gracias
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