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  1. The demo is dirty and the player has been banned for a day. https://silentgamerz.org/banned/bans/9061.html Closed.
  2. I can see rocket launchers coming.... Thanks for the donation!!
  3. Thanks for the donation bud, see you in game.
  4. Thanks for the donation mate! See you in-game.
  5. @ painhappy @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ MainlyCute You're vip will be set up after the donation is confirmed. Thanks for donation!!
  6. Invisibility is annoying at times but popular as well, people won't take it in a positive way if we tried to remove it.
  7. Thanks for supporting ! @ painhappy @ MrOtstej> @ MainlyCute
  8. Thanks for the support !
  9. There are a lot of complaints regarding some of the assault maps from players as well as admins as camping becomes a serious issue in these maps, assault just like other hostage rescue maps is built to confine the terrorists and gives an advantages to the CT team but unlike cs_office some of its variants managed to dampen this issue which made them quite popular among the players. I request to add a couple of maps which provide better exposure and space to the Ts team. https://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/1276/ https://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/1736/ https://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/202/ A couple of other good variants - cs_italy https://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/1931/ https://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/2516/ Some other popular maps https://gamebanana.com/maps/202220 https://gamebanana.com/maps/160883 @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ painhappy @ SAKE酒 ~ @ N3l$0n- @ FaZio'
  10. Thanks for your support, enjoy your gaming !!
  11. There's a point describing it if you read carefully
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