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  1. Accusations like this won't hold unless you provide us with a valid context of the whole situation with the required proofs.
  2. Talking about the maps snow is the most loved maps of all due to its small size the game gets going. As nelson mentioned cs_office is a hostage holding map for Ts which is expected to deliver more attacking sides for the CTs while giving a chance to sneakily defend for Ts, its not exaggerating to say that its overly defavouring for Ts also had enough of nuke snow for now. About the nades I think they're pretty balanced though they cause lag spikes but it helps taking down tough and dominating players which overall balances the game for all.
  3. Lord Chaos


    Thanks for supporting us !!
  4. @ painhappy @ Pyro @ Sheep
  5. @ N3l$0n- https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/topic/1254-ctf-team-completed/ We had this problem and mighty apparently solved it but i guess it's surfaced again, we'll try to figure out the solution for it and if you ever see this glitch again start the map vote by mapm_start_vote. @ Zombie Man I havent noticed this bug but if next time you see this just take an ss and note down the maps for which this happens.
  6. I guess wicho doesn't have that access, @ The Cocoman is the best bet we got.
  7. We're glad that you like the server, thanks for the support and in case of any queries hit me up.
  8. Added @ Shady , @ Gypsy King , @ SoNic^!!!---> as server admins. Welcome to the team.
  9. The vote map plugin was changed and modified so the previous amx commands of map change won't work instead use mapm_start_vote for starting the vote. The new command doesn't let you set the choices for the maps instead it creates a list of its own. But remember use it only when the map glitches do not overdo it.
  10. Same issue i guess, @ SoNic^!!!---> What was the map on which it glitched ?
  11. CTF is already quite a heavy mod adding more to it will eventually increase the lag instead we could create blocks on those positions to avoid the camping.
  12. Lord Chaos

    Admin abuse

    Do not make multiple threads for the same topic @ Pyro @ MainlyCute Close.
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