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  1. first. change the time of the fire nade its not can be so long its need to be like 4-7 sec not more . and then the zm evolution have too much hp i mean when u die like 5 times you have like 5 k + and you can kill someoen with sb like nothing and i have just something elso change the maps its alwyas the same maps and its will be good if u will do like that the map will chnage in like 20 minuts and not with 7 rounds i play for like 8 years in ZM mode and i never see somethig like nade more then 4-7 sec or zombie with more then 4 k so i hope you will maybe listen to half of my stuff to have better server and to enjoy more
  2. don't make any changes the server is perfect like it is special rouds are made because they are special rounds don't ruin the gameplay
  3. Suzana

    10 k

    I donated $ 40 and bought them at $ 20 and at $ 5 and at $ 10 that meant I had $ 5 to buy
  4. My Email Paypal :eliavsuzana13@Gmail.com
  5. Legendary vip + 22k + skins pack
  6. Steam id:STEAM_0:0:2036063089 Name in game: Suzana*ZoD
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