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  1. i agree re: # of bans, the servers have seemed cleaner recently, and ban # not always representative of admin activity on server, not sure how to accurately count the number of times we drop out and spec (sometimes just in between rounds looking at the same players over and over, not always in full spec mode) as far as server activity, that's going to wax and wane for me, and almost always going to be sat-mon, as i'm on the frontline in the covid world. Great servers, great team, i totally will always understand if i get demoted/removed from admin status, until then, i will do my best for sG
  2. it does still have these little lag spikes, what's weird is, no one's ping really seems to jump, but everyone freeze/skips for a couple of seconds but, after the reset, my ping dropped to 25, and i see some players with a ping of 11!
  3. do you think we could reset the server when we implement updates? it has way more lag than the FK server, mostly in the form of spikes, my actual ping is usually about 35, but will get 1-3 second spikes every minute or two
  4. there is a mod, I think on LGK server, that automatically blocks B access on DD2 if less than 5 CTs... puts up a screen that says restricted, won't let CTs go Mid, either
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