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  1. Jboy

    ID LAN players

    I will try to find it, but it is supposed that if they use VPN it is because you want to hide your real IP, cheats use it for when they ban them to return instantly and continue to annoy, most legitimate players do not need to use that, the plugin just kicks you and it notifies you "don't use VPN, to play on our server" it works a lot for example with that speed hacker that copies the names, which bothers most of the servers from UUEE
  2. Jboy

    ID LAN players

    You know that there is a plugin that kicks players if they use "VPN" to play cs, the plugin only kicks you instantly when you enter, it does not ban you, it is a matter of the developer in charge adding it or u sending it , it is very useful for these cases
  3. Well He just wanted to be smart by acquiring Steam and getting a new ID, I think the staff can verify if it is the same IP, although it is so stupid that it uses the same name, many people believe that Steam cannot use "Cheats" but YES They can, in the long time that I've been playing and visiting forums, I saw Steam with aimbots, wallhacks and more, silly guys who are so stupid to load the dirty screenshots hahahahaha, and a very controversial case of a guy who admits to having been using cheating for more than 5 years, and even then VAC did not detect him, he only admitted it to be arrogant and make fun of the mediocrity of that community. @ Softness This kid in my opinion does not deserve a second chance, for his arrogance, maybe you do not understand why your native language is not Spanish, but this guy always made comments "I'm the best" "I'm bored playing with Pro players, they can't kill me" "I don't mind losing -25 points I will always be the first" absolute arroganace, but using shit cheats, now you can understand what I'm talking about just by looking at the name it registers " mmmm i am steam, excuses?"
  4. DK says is very true, it is useful for players with few skills, in fact when I was an admin, in the development of the game I was sometimes dying with 15 hp and doing a kill helped me a lot, I think the system is fine, since that you are supposed to pay for an advantage or benefit (+ hp), not to play like a normal player. The another issue is *Publicity*, how to make people interested in it, and help with donations, that would be better check it..
  5. just read from the beginning and you will understand my comment!
  6. Imagine too that someone speaks of respect, and writes something about people who may not even have a registered account here, and cannot close your mouth, surely the old staff did not give this a reputation (irony) .. I speak for them because since I was a child, I have been playing here, and I never remember this as a bad place. The old owners gave it a name, a prestige to this and made this a good place to play. It is as if your father gave you a house, and then you tell him that it is no matter what he did to give it to you, it sucks because now you threw away the old furniture and bought new ones ..
  7. @ CrazyAlbo hey dude, I remember you, when Killa was the owner, then Sprinter became, I remember many legends that are not even there, the Crazy Partner himself .. Maybe you don't remind me of me. I feel identified with you, this is a warlike game, sometimes you can lose control or deal with irritating people, it is normal, but there are opportunistic people who look for the moment for YOU to look bad and them don't. I lost my admin because it was supposedly dont spec never, it was lazy. I remember it and it makes me laugh, someone with experience only needs 2 or 3 rounds to know if there is something strange and continue to wait, if you are smart you can commit suicide, die quickly on purpose and specify any suspect (almost always my method), do not go with A great label to spec and be notorious, although I know it is the right thing to do. The guy who fell in love with me always called me a hacker in fact, and criticized me for supposedly not spec, he pleased him by banning a Steam player, which happened ..Clean, and then he made a thread calling me lazy, hahahaha what a snake he was. What I mean is that I understand you, maybe there are people who annoy your presence, do not love you and manipulate you to get you out little by little. Something that you are very right about is respect, be a noob, a novice, you do not know the world of the CS, whoever you are, and with some higher rank always give the reason for the decisions, not everyone has experience,U DONT BELIEVE YOU OWN THE TRUTH, that's something I've seen lately. after all this rubbish that I write, the end of the story is that, if they treat you bad in one place you don't go back there, in a few words them going for another community. PD: shit that one writes for the quarantine
  8. This would not affect player traffic at all, since the plugin works in an easy way, if your ping exceeds 300, it kicks you automatically. I can attest that the high ping players in South America, which is the largest player traffic, have a ping of 100 to 250 max. On the server it is unusual to see players with pins greater than 300 and perform well, I think we all know that, with that Latency it is impossible to play good. As I metion you, this guy tried to do something to his CS and screwed up the game, nobody can play like that, it is annoying, it defases and it is annoying. here a link clean and original CS 1.6NonSteamhttps://cswarzone.com/cs/
  9. You seen this guy, right? don't you think he is annoying?
  10. The purpose of this thread is that we all want a good place to play, right? watch the demo and tell me if it is normal? playing 300 ping or more, I think this guy has improved, before is teleported.. I too record other players on team, so you can check I'm not lagged. http://www.mediafire.com/file/q0zguqlxlo5hfs0/agus.dem/file I think that the CS collapses with this type of ping and closes, for me this guy tries to put something in his CS and he screwed it up, or the copy he has is really shit. that's really annoying, sometimes u can't even hit on him the shots for this, he moves out of phase I have not seen that any admin has asked him to solve his lag, which would be appropriate. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ Sheep @ Egan Please it is annoying, do something or add a plugin that will kick you if you have more than 300 ping, it is the most common in servers, but I repeat with that ping the CS collapses and closes, it is strange the most CURIOUS thing is that he is a constant player, reviewing his activity, he is top 4 with 52 thousand points, the big question is: HOW DID HE DO IT?
  11. Jboy

    Plan for DD2

    I wanted to say about the point system, is that there was a time when it started to work from "5vs5" or more than 10 players online, no matter its distribution in the teams, and obviously more players. Example: if there are 3 CTs and 4TTs (7 players online) the points system did not work . Until there were 10 players. I mentioned this at some point if only 3 players entered and cheated to score points, without killing each other, just planting and the partner deactivates the bomb, without killing each other to avoid subtracting points (example). It is more likely to cheat with 3 known partners, no than with 10 or more, which mentions that at some time it worked like this, maybe it was a measure to avoid such "false points".
  12. Jboy

    Plan for DD2

    @ D.K. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ Sheep I remember that a long time ago, the server was also configured so that the GameMe points system would only work if there were 5vs5 Could this work again like this? I say it because I have read comments that when there are guys adding false points between them, "you plants me deactivated, you kill me several times then I you". I will say nothing more about that because I have no proof, but someone told me something.
  13. Jboy

    Plan for DD2

    @ D.K. I agree that it is not allowed to plant in B if there is no 5vs5, but not that the site is closed. The sounds may work out well if you work in the time interval in which they appear, if you put them together, it will be annoying and a circus of sounds, remember that DD2 is more strategic and experienced players need to hear steps, shots, the excess of voices will interfere with that.
  14. @ Sheep Please They can remove the snow, Christmas already happened, I think that increases the lag in the server There are also players can play with 300 ping or more, teleport when you try to hit the shots and that is very annoying, how can they solve that? Thanks!
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