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  1. @ Harry Tomará un poco de tiempo. Por favor espere la confirmación.
  2. Great!! Thanks for your donation and support. Please wait for sometime. After confirmation your privileges will be set up. @ Egan @ MrOtstej> @ MainlyCute @ Pyro @ wicho - el patron
  3. @ Harry Puede comprar privilegios ADMIN a través de donar o impulsar nuestro servidor. Ver detalles aquí -
  4. Re-start your pc & reconnect server after sometime.
  5. @ Wassim Tlm Thanks for your support. Please wait for sometime. After confirmation your privileges will be setup by our staff+. Till then enjoy the game. @ Egan @ MrOtstej> @ MainlyCute @ Sheep
  6. In Game Name : Steam Id: Paypal e-mail: Transaction Id: Purchasing :
  7. @ Wassim Tlm Great!!! Can you post here your transaction details for confirmation. Then we can set your privileges.
  8. I found this bug in many maps. And it's already reported to owners. Anyway... i don't want to deny your logical proof. You doing great. Good luck.
  9. Which type of bug are you talking about? Unbalanced? Basically and Technically it's found in large map. But it's not necessary to remove map urgent basis.
  10. There are no reason to remove maps at this moment. For new map which is already updated in server, we want to give sometime to players for adjustment with them and also we can observe properly. New map always good and attractive for players and servers both. But at this moment we have enough amount map, So we can think a about this but after winter season. Frost nade is good so no need to remove. We can try auto team balance. It will help to new player and also to little bit noob player like me.
  11. No issue. As you wish. ** If you want then download CS Warzone and play.
  12. Which server are you talking about? DD2 or CTF?
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