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  1. Thanks for the Support. Still a noob with 300 fps lol. jk
  2. Pyro


    Thanks For the Support.
  3. @ painhappy @ The Mighty Don't Kneel Thanks For helping.I am lazy staying on bed(3am)...Someone add his points
  4. I dont remember the map name, but a assault map which contains glass openings on top of T base.In that map CT have more advantages over teleportation granade. One can stand on top of roof an throw a nade near to their base and jump take the flag and teleported..Which is kind of annoying to players. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel
  5. Added. Thanks for support
  6. Pyro

    kill sound

    No for now. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ painhappy
  7. You deserve what you did, you must have used your brain after the admin has warned you several times.This time is (1 week) is for changing your attitude towards players/ admins.Stop acting like a kid and change yourself. If this continues there will be 1 day - 1 week ban depending upon the situation.
  8. Pyro


    Thanks For the Support.
  9. Pyro


    Thanks for the support
  10. Added. Thanks for Donations.
  11. Pyro


    Thanks for the Support.
  12. After adding his kills and deaths i refunded him the 8 k points...Dont worry. Refunded @ Zombie Man
  13. Will be refunded the particular points that was earned from the dates Cocoman said.(7.8k) Get me when i am in-game.
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