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  2. @ wicho - el patron I can agree with him on first 2 stuff and for the third our zp is unique with many modes etc...So we need 8 rounds(8X5= 40 Mins Max) for 1 map but most of the time it ends faster.. For Evolution ZM i would like to have max hp of 4.25k so that it will be a balanced gameplay....For fire nade it can be max for 10 sec..
  3. Players should only request points of they have a proper proof (Screenshot).. Closed.
  4. Another Small Donation for Legendary VIP 1 Month Transaction ID - 6X609257VF487140B @ MrOtstej> Please Confirm iT!
  5. Transaction ID:5KU08889SX206635A Gift to: @ Ragini15 @ MrOtstej> Please confirm it.
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    Which Server? It was Re-added..Check now. Thanks For your Support.
  7. Added. Confirm this @ Egan @ MrOtstej>
  8. Added. Thanks For your support.
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  10. Sorry @ Paranormal it seems as an server bug we will fix it as soon as possible..Be patient
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