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  1. i always see BZTK checking in the gameme , when he is playing, he is always cheking his points , sinds i see him play he do that , and one think i know from bztk HE IS A HONEST PLAYER AND HE RESPECT and if he say that he lost his point i believe him. Help him please
  2. thank you for your donation
  3. thank you for your donation and support .
  4. Thanks for your donation , enjoy the game
  5. thank you for your donation mi super bella amiga
  6. thank your donation and for your support and enjoy your game
  7. hermanito felisidades por el trial, te hiba a desir que no te olvides poner el tag.


    1. Smile :)

      Smile :)

      Gracias 🙂 tuve mucho apoyo! Ya estuve viendo algunas cosas. Después seguramente te molestaré para consultarte jaja

    2. [EL] Mercenario

      [EL] Mercenario

      a tu orden siempre hermano, y claro que te ayudare hermano y tu no me molestas jamas, asi que preguntame lo que quieras siempre bro.😊

  8. thank you for your donation
  9. thank you for donation
  10. @ MainlyCute , hello , i send it like always i do
  11. @ N3l$0n- ( You sent it directly from paypal? Use the donation button on forum so we can keep track of it, if you did so.)... yes bro i did that. i pay like always i do and he send me to painhappy.
  12. hi @ N3l$0n- bro , yes it is this one, 8MX73763YU2597301. and he go to this account: MCB Network LLC http:// painthappy@gmail.com
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