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  1. suerte bro i cuidate i espero que te vaya bien en los estudios ja tu sabes el futuro esta primero i aqui te esperamos un abrazo
  2. Thank you for the donation @ Jader enjoy bro
  3. [EL] Mercenario


    gracias joker ahhaha son buenos
  4. @ FaZio' Thank you bro and thanks for always helping me bro and for helping everybody bro. You are a good manager bro keep it like that and thanks bro
  5. @ FaZio' hello bro, if there is a lot of glitch, is because there are some maps for example there is the new cs assault map that they go upstairs i see how they do the glitch and we warn them but when they don't listen we give slay first but they continue and that's why we give them ban but I also think there is a problem. Yesterday I used the teleporter knife and I sent myself behind the wall without i know and I was glitching myself but i comes out at once, and I think that's what happens because yesterday some of the players told me that they do not glitch but when they use the knife they go behind the fence without they want to go there. But with that knife for sure you can go behind the fence even behind the wall and do glitch. That what i know yesterday and i was going to report that today when i wake up.
  6. yes it's a good idea because a lot of new players don't know about that
  7. hi bro you was onfire today hahahah 

    1. Joker




    2. Darha.


      haahah thanks man ur getting better each day too ❤️

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