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  1. @ mariano good luck as trail admin anything you can always ask us we here to help
  2. This guy [xanny family] swiftjew when he is in CTF he is cursing and saying many bad things almost in all the games and he do a lot of Skywalking, Please if you see him and he is saying bad words to other players please give him a gag and if he continues, let the Staff And Me know please thank you. http://silentgamerz.gameme.com/playerinfo/998098 http://silentgamerz.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/998098
  3. October activity check CAPUTRE THE FLAG In this Activity Check is the following evaluation: Forum Activity: The last time that the Admin logged into the forum. In Game Activity: Days that the Admin connected in the CTF in the last Month (27 Sep 2020--Untill-- 27 Oct 2020). Bans: Number of Bans that the Admin made in the last Month (27 Sep 2020--Untill-- 27Oct 2020). Rules: The check that it is made it is from Sep 27th 2020 to Oct 27th 2020. (1) Only permanent Bans count. (2) The Trial Admins will not count in this check. (3) Any type of personal problem that is happening with the admin in their personal life will be considered and justified with the bans numbers. (4) The following list will be ordered by the Ranks: STAFF. Co-Server Manager. Server Admin. The Marks: Green (Good) Yellow (Medium) White (Regular) Red (Bad) NAME ........RANK......... F0RUM ACTIVITY LAST LOGIN IN GAME ACTIVITY DAYS CONNECTED BANS IN CTF BANS @ dog] (STAFF) Oct 26th 100% 2 @ [EL] Mercenario (CO-SM) Oct 27th 30 Days 0 @ Ensoy 009 (ADMIN) Oct 25th 17 Days 2 @ bonnybb (ADMIN) Oct 27th 30 Days 0 @ WHO's YoUR FATHER NoW (ADMIN) Oct 22th 10 Days 0 @ Sandstorm (ADMIN) Oct 27th 13 Days 1 @ ABUSAMADRES (ADMIN) Oct 13th 2 Days 0 @ [sG][Coronel Lenox] (ADMIN) Oct 27th 7 Days 0 @ Ragnar (ADMIN) Oct 27th 30 Days 1 @ agent 47 (ADMIN) Oct 16th 7 Days 0 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi (Reactivation ADMIN Since 18 Oct) Oct 22th 18 Days 1 @ [-> - == BZTK == - <-] (New ADMIN Since 13 Oct) Oct 27th 13 Days 3 The Results are: @ Ensoy 009 you only connected for a short time and we understand it because you are studying a lot but when you are in the ctf you not only play but you are very aware of everything that happens in the ctf, you have a lot of experience and wisdom of the ctf and you are very valuable to the sg family and I hope you can connect more soon. @ bonnybb We know that with your personal situation made it difficult for you to connect a lot to ctf and the forum, but with all that you are connected every day and when you are in the game you have everything under control and you are very aware of hackers and cheaters and I hope we can always count on you becuase you are a good Admin.You are a good example and you are very valuable to us, congratulations @ WHO's YoUR FATHER NoW Due to work situations you have not been able to connect much in the ctf and we understand it but we see that you are very active in the forum and that is also very important and with your good contributions, we hope that soon you can enter more in the ctf because we need you. Do not forget that. @ Sandstorm We know that due to internet and work situations you have not been able to enter ctf, but we know that you are always very pending in the forum and also discord, and when you are in the ctf you put order and you are pending of anything. You have shown great responsibility and seriousness. Try to get more in the CTF when your situation is fixed. You are a good Admin. , you are very valuable. @ ABUSAMADRES You are one of the most active admins but due to your internet situation that you have in your country you have not been able to connect in the ctf but you are active in the forum and that is good, and when you are in the ctf all the players respect you and there is no problems in the game when you are inside. I hope to see you in november a lot in the ctf. you have become a good admin congratulations. @ [sG][Coronel Lenox] You are very connected in the forum and in the discord that is very good, but in the ctf you could not connect in this month almost a lot because you have many family things to fix and that we understand and the family is always first, you are a player Very good and you know what you do and you are always there to help all your admin colleagues and also the players, keep going so well and I hope you can enter more in the ctf and you are a very important one for the sg family. @ Ragnar You are very active in the ctf and in the forum congratulations you have learned to be a good admin and you know how to handle situations well when you are in the game and you always try to help the players, we are happy to have you in the sg family. Congratulations. @ agent 47 You have told us that you have some personal problems and that you cannot enter the CTF for a month or two months, we understand it but we also need you to be a little more aware of the forum until you solve your problems and you can enter more in the CTF so that You can learn more and have more experience as an admin we know you can do it and we trust you. @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi You are one of the most beloved admins, and your potential in the ctf game is incredible and you are always aware of the forum, you are an example to follow. Congratulations. I hope we can always count on you, and since October 18 you came back as admin and you have done an excellent job in such a short time, CONGRATULATIONS. @ [-> - == BZTK == - <-] You are an admin since Oct 13 and to be a new admin you are very connected in the ctf and pending the ctf and also in the forum and you are doing a very good job and you always have patience with the players congratulations we are very happy that you are with us. @ dog] Why 100% active because you are always aware of the ctf, still you are not there every day but you are in the steam chat every day finding out how everything is going with the ctf, because you also have other obligations in the sg server, because you are every day On the sg server and also on steam trying to make sure everything goes well and you are always watching the forum if a player needs something and you are always there to help and solve problems as best as possible and the important thing as a staff is that you trust us, thank you for being a good staff and brother congratulations. @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ N3l$0n- @ D.K. Thank you for everything. The reason I did not put the color red for anyone is because we all have a situation in these times a little difficult especially with the situation of the coronavirus, and also the school and the family and other things and we understand that because we are human beings and I know that you are doing what you can to help the sg server and the ctf. Thank you. Thank you all for being part of the family SG and the CTF management team, i am very proud to have you guys.
  4. thank you for your donation @ N3l$0n- @ D.K. @ dog]
  5. @ Gavi ×xXx× my bro. We will take care for sure about that. We will talk to him one more time again. bro and like @ dog] say make a demo and like @ dog] say pass it to me or to the admin or post it please bro. You are a great guy and good player bro. And you know your doors are open amytime for admin bro xd
  6. Good morning all the players, as you know October 31 is coming and it is the Halloween Event register now gamerz. We are going to have a great time, let's have some fun.
  7. pero no entiendo te has apuntando para adm o eres trial adm ?
  8. thank you for your donation and support
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