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  1. hello 

    guys i dont have time for naw .i work hard those days !!! so any administrator can take my admin and thnk u all  .  c u later maybe after corona 

    stay home  😷😷

    1. Mc EL CaTaLoNi

      Mc EL CaTaLoNi

      @ SoNic^!!!--->

      Well, brother, take care of yourself. We hope the current situation improves, to see you soon, warrior
      We hope you receive a look the forum from time to time when you have time 👌

  2. i vote only for powers of knife
  3. hi pls try to fix this problem on demo players on spec cant join .This happens a lot was 8 cts & 9 tts . they can join only if the map chang https://www13.zippyshare.com/v/2pA5Q8fb/file.html
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