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  1. Name: Tea Server: CTF Receipt #: 4L762818C28638836 Weekly boost
  2. To be honest, I don’t know why you are getting into this because they might be glitching or bugging out of the map or something they deserved the ban! Plus the person would ask for a unban appeal if they didn’t “glitch”
  3. Oh, I’ve been playing CTF! Okay never mind, I’ll actually love GunGame
  4. I guess, I’m not a server admin on CTF lol! Appreciate everyone doing good work!
  5. Name: Tea Server: Zombie Plague Receipt #: 4L762818C28638525 Weekly boost I want my perks on my account : STEAM_0:1:172015304 @ painhappy @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ MainlyCute
  6. Do you know how many paragraphs are in this topic.. just tell me, what’s the problem here
  7. I have no fucking clue what your talking about.. give me more information
  8. Can y’all provide more proof lmao, I don’t know where the fuck y’all getting these chat logs and ye I’m to lazy too
  9. Okay forgot “no experience” let me give you another shit, trustworthy? Hun, you need to make yourself reliable and trustworthy to handle powers and not abuse it.. I don’t know how many ways I can explain it to you
  10. You clearly don’t fucking get the point Nelson.. don’t take this wrong g.. This isn’t about gaining status, imagine working at a new job, and this guy has been working at the job longer than you and has experience.. and you get promoted with no experience, how do you think the other guy will feel hun? It’s not about getting status, it’s about honoring the community and serving it and getting what you should deserve for what you have done.. How you gonna get promoted after being a server admin for 2-3 weeks? It boggles my mind
  11. I wasn’t there when this action were taken serious & I have never seen you in-game Albo.. However, actions can not be taken without giving warnings and kicks.. You can’t simply gag someone without moderating them what they are going to be in trouble with.. @ N3l$0n- did you moderate @ CrazyAlbo and kicked him once or twice Yes, you are correct that is up to the high administrators, however think of this point.. You become Server Admin & one month has passed, a veteran has been working active and moderating the servers with decent amount of bans.. you contribute $10-$20 dollars with a server boost, and you get promoted the next week? How is that fair to our other admins? It proves, that contributing gives you promotion. I could name a few promotions but I have been kept quiet..
  12. I completely agree with MainlyCute, however CrazyAlbo did bring up a great point, why promote players so fast, I don’t want to bring up names however, our other veteran admins work hard every day until once a early new member gets promoted before them.. They slowly loose interest in the game and striving for promotion, and it shouldn’t be a requirement to be promoted in order to donate or contribute the servers.. CrazyAlbo, I don’t know who you are, but my brother was the first owner of the community.. I’m sure you will remember him by his name Fighter or SmauG #sG.. I’m sure if my brother wants to return to sG, sprinter was his great friend, and he will be granted his permissions I think.. I remember SaFo to in 2015.. I don’t seem to remember you.. Anyway, I lost interest in 2015 because sprinter made a new zombie server which all my hard work put to end, he made it worse but anyway fuck you sprinter
  13. SprinT


    Thanks for the support Genji
  14. I have been busy this whole month, even tho I said I contacted you guys that I came back! I’ll will be more active next month! Cheers
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