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  1. Name: Tea Server: Zombie Plague Receipt #: 4L762818C28638525 Weekly boost I want my perks on my account : STEAM_0:1:172015304 @ painhappy @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ MainlyCute
  2. SprinT


    Thanks for the support Genji
  3. I have been busy this whole month, even tho I said I contacted you guys that I came back! I’ll will be more active next month! Cheers
  4. @ painhappy Why doesn’t server admins have forum permissions? Especially the essentials like, mute, temporarily ban, warning points.. especially to the ones that are trustworthy within the community to be honored with this powers
  5. Welcome back!! Thanks for the donation zesty
  6. Cocoman Learn from the porn expert! Nelson as the camera man , @ N3l$0n- did you get horny while shooting this video?
  7. SprinT


    Don’t listen to him, lmao! Complaining is the key
  8. SprinT


    Thanks for the support Goku
  9. @ MainlyCute @ MrOtstej> @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ painhappy @ Egan
  10. Boost: GamerTracker.Rs Name: GreenTea Server: CTF Receipt #: 9123411859750372G I would like to give my perks to @ Zombie Man @ Egan @ MrOtstej> @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ painhappy @ MainlyCute
  11. I love it! I like to vouch for this implementation to the CTF servers
  12. SprinT


    Thanks for boosting lad!
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