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  1. I believe Westwood is a good map, there is no advantage in that terrorist team! It all depends on skill
  2. You are just powerphasing what i’m saying lol
  3. If you say, “this map is great addition to the server” you have to prove your claim to the people.. You can’t be like, I like this map and please add it.. Be specific, and how it is a good addition the CTF map list The maps, that nelson suggested to remove is all bad maps to the CTF server.. Lets start with the map rats, it’s a way to big map which leads to campers, waiting to snipe you from the vent, cabinet , etc fy_snow is kinda bad too, you would have to moderate the campers, who stay in the little igloo boxs, and the above there platform with walls for campers to hide and snipe them.. It’s annoying and that map is to much to handle a smooth game.. Especially the players who live away from the servers in Brooklyn.. It would just make it more spikes & lags de_nuke: CT’s have a decent advantage on the high platform to killing afk T’s and moving around to hide in the ladder vent to camp.. To be honest, this map is the worst of all the three, I’ve seen terrorist, skywalk up the military truck, and get up the rocks, and go all the way back to the spawn area..
  4. Let’s be honest here, looking at the images, you can barely tell if it will be a great addition to the CTF server.. The only way to verify these maps is to, download the maps on a private map and test it with the CTF staff team on a certain day where staff is off, which is the weekends.. Depending on the vote on the map, we will approve or disapprove, on everyone’s opinion.. I have personally experienced these situations in my old community.. We would usually take the players idea, download the map, and discuss it with the admin team..
  5. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61292409 Name: Tea #sG or SaTea #sG I think 8000-12000 please check determining in gameme
  6. Question? Why does my ban list only have 1? I’ve made more bans then last activity check
  7. Thank you for your purchase! @ MrOtstej> @ Egan Confirm this for extra proof! @ MainlyCute @ The Cocoman @ painhappy @ Sheep @ Pyro if the extra proof is okay, honor is donation with the holy vip! @ swiftjew Thank you for your donations! Appreciate the help to the community
  8. I just don't like why the fact, No recoil was nerfed..? No Recoil was 30 points and switched to 50 points, okay I understand however it only lasts 60 seconds which the Elite VIP is so useless.. We paid $10 for guns? Come on.. You have to give ELITE VIP something to have advantage over the game for donating to the server .. There is less chance of me (IMO) to buy VIP for these useless nerfs imo
  9. Tea

    Elite VIP

    Don't worry, I suck! NO CAP
  10. Tea

    Elite VIP

    @ MrOtstej> No it wasn't added @ The Cocoman @ MainlyCute @ Pyro Can one of ya'll add it??
  11. Tea

    Elite VIP

    @ MrOtstej> Was it added?
  12. Tea

    Elite VIP

    @ MainlyCute @ Pyro @ MrOtstej> @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ Egan
  13. STEAM_0:0:61292409 + Elite VIP thank you
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