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  1. your points regarding the camping rule make sense, now i have a better idea. I guess I was confused since i killed an admin from pit that was rushing long from ct nonstop 3 times in a row and got called out for camping. +1 for more camp meters VIP is definitely has nice perks ( which is why I buy it ) , but I can't see vip being vip if it doesn't give advantages so hopefully it still becomes worth buying after nerf. There are some pretty crazy non-vip items that help vips get more overpowered too. While limiting fps can be fair to lower fps players or players who don't strafe much or as good / fast, it becomes unfair to those that do have higher fps & strafe fast in the game so i just wanna throw that out there for consideration when you guys decide something like this. In a game like this a shop will always cause unbalanced gameplay, if you really want to 90% get rid of that then removing the shop completely is the most effective but (not a good way to do it). And then FPS can be limited, or maybe as cutie suggested multijump can be removed, but then we'll be left with a basic CTF with nothing interesting on it lol so maybe keep brainstorming for a solution i guess
  2. yeah godmode is broken so I can't say anything about that & lately I havent been purchasing it too often since it drops points a lot. As for multijump, I'm sure im not the only one who enjoys multijumping in CTF so hopefully it doesn't get removed, there are other solutions/plugins for preventing skywalking, its mostly possible because maps weren't made with the intention of having players up high.
  3. I would like to suggest to remove the CTF rule for camping. I cannot understand the point of this rule in a CTF server where all the players will respawn infinitely, and players need to defend areas of the map to prevent the enemy from capturing their flag. The rule makes sense in a server like de_dust2 where as a terrorist you have to be planting the bomb so it could push players to go to the bomb site & plant it and punish them if they do not. It will be fair to the players that die and have to wait 1-2 minutes to respawn in that server. However, in CTF, forcing everyone to capture the flag is not a fun idea. If everyone has to ignore the flag and run towards the other team's base, their flags will be unprotected. By this logic, half the map should not be used to enforce this rule. If I am a terrorist in de_dust2, my team should all go B and never go A or long because the objective is to capture the flag and the flag is near B doors. This would leave the Terrorist flag free to take for the CTs that go long. Now I know there's normally players around the flag protecting it in that map specifically, and I could say that they are violating this pointless 'camping' rule by protecting their flag, but this is not right. It seems to be a rule not fit for CTF that would restrict players more than they should be. CTF is like deathmatch, with the addition of flags to capture. Imagine putting a 'no camping' rule in deathmatch, its the same thing except the objectives are different. I personally would go to long and kill the CTs coming towards long to protect the flag, or go to B to help my teammates capture the enemy flag near the doors and getting told to not 'camp' because I'm an admin in a situation like that sounds very demotivating overall to get me to play CTF. If I have to rush towards the enemy flag nonstop & constantly capture their flag( and I know I can if i want to ) the game will be very boring. While capturing the flag is an objective, protecting the flag is also and that involves camping. So what I am suggesting is to change this rule for CTF: Skywalking/Camping Camping on our servers is not allowed, main goal is to reach your teams objective and failing to do so by camping will lead to warning/slap/slay/kick/ban. Same as camping, skywalking will lead to a ban. to Skywalking Skywalking on our servers is not allowed, breaking this rule will lead to warning/slap/slay/kick/ban. @ painhappy @ The Cocoman @ Dollar @ Lord Chaos
  4. thanks, I'm on right now for the points and i also sent you a friend request on steam if you'd like to accept.
  5. In-game name: Shady SteamID : STEAM_0:1:73493379 Transacion ID: 6GA01098DR384742M Package you are purchasing: CTF Elite VIP($7) CTF 50 000 Points (+10 000 bonus) = 60 000 points (18. 75 with 25% christmas special discount) total 25.75$
  6. if we have manual unstuck it could work out. Either a command or a menu option.
  7. Because it can cause things like this: I was walking in the italy building with my teammates passing by and eventually they pushed me down under the map. Maybe instead of automatic unstuck, put a /unstuck chat command to make it manual. It gets very annoying when people go near you and this happens unnecessarily.
  8. Shady


    and now I have the power!
  9. @ wicho - el patron been 23 days still waiting lmao
  10. Shady

    shop item & knife

    The healing knife is actually pretty useful combined with the heals from the flags / regeneration item so I would really like to keep it. Everything seems fine if you can just fix the stuff i mentioned in the first. And yeah the speed knife is underwhelming.
  11. In-game name: Shady SteamID : STEAM_0:1:73493379 Paypal email address: prefer not to say it here but it should be obvious as it has my nickname in it Transacion ID: 3TR01119KT150894F Package you are purchasing: 10$ = 20 000 Points (+ 2 000 bonus) = 22 000 points ( For CTF ) Elite VIP For CTF | $10 a month
  12. Name in-game: Shady SteamID: STEAM_0:1:73493379 @ wicho - el patron
  13. the 100% invisible item on the CTF shop might need a limit of some sort so people don't spam it. Earlier today we were on nuke and one dude was using it to stay invisible the whole time. also the invisibility knife doesn't keep you invisible after you die and respawn im guessing this is not intentional since the other knives work properly even after respawning. See if it can be fixed no footstep knife doesnt work when holding flag also if you buy health till 250hp and kill someone it resets down to 130hp also if ur health is higher than 100, for example 130 or 180 it will always reset to 100 if u choose a knife from knife menu or exit the knife menu without choosing
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