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  1. Updated 05/26/20 @ [EL] Mercenario Added as Server Admin. Congratulations.
  2. Updated 05/25/20 @ hossein I resign from his position as administrator. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  3. Yes, it is an old glitch and all our administrators take it into account. @ Goku It is considered a "skywalk", so don't do it again (only to take dem or ss). Closed
  4. Updated 05/21/20 @ Jader Added as Server Admin. Congratulations. @ gaviria05272004 Trial Admin extended. @ sakura Failed trial admin due to inactivity.
  5. The other day I discovered that gltch, it is easily achieved. I still don't have the flags to put a walkguard, so it all depends on @ painhappy
  6. Updated 05/14/20 @ [J]eferzon. Added as trial admin. Good luck. @ Mario Demoted and banned.
  7. Updated 10/05/20 @ Darha. Resigned his position as administrator.
  8. Nice job. I just wish they would use the reason "camp / skywall" instead of glitch. it's fine anyway Close thread.
  9. Updated 09/05/20 Changes in Skins Weapons MP5 Navi Desert Deagle AK47 M4A1 AWP Grenate: Impact, smoke and freeze
  10. @ [EL] Mercenario Done, thanks for your words. What you describe is called a "skywalk". It is normally when a person enters a secret room or an inaccessible place playing normally. For example: The fence behind CT's respawn in Italy or climbing the rooftops in inferno. I would recommend that in that case notify the HUD (1-2 times), then slap (3-4), kill, kick, ban. Anyway well done and keep up the good work.
  11. Relax, I'm just asking you what's wrong with the CTF. In case they were wrong, my intention is not to punish / warn them. I will only recommend or advise an administrative procedure, depending on the cause of the failure. Of course, in CTF there are many types of glitchs/bugs, such as: Dropp the flag from the map ; bug items from the shop ; skywall / skywalk ; etc. @ SprinT And yes, my duty is to supervise the correct work of the administrators. check the community roles in this thread:
  12. I would like to know why there are so many ban for glitchs in CTF. Could you explain what glitch is about? Plase post the dem/SS or explain... @ Jader @ [EL] Mercenario @ bonnybb https://silentgamerz.org/banned/bans/5537.html https://silentgamerz.org/banned/bans/5531.html https://silentgamerz.org/banned/bans/5512.html
  13. Updated 05/08/20 @ bonnybb Added as Server Admin. Congratulations.
  14. Updated 05/05/20 @ DEADLY demoted Didn't read rules No use tag Admin abuse
  15. Just tell me and you will be transferred, you apply for admin in gungame
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