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  1. Moved to Cheater Report and closed
  2. The maps have already been chosen by the management. They will be added little by little these days. Some maps were dropped for the following reasons: There are no places to place the flags, they are too small, or they are simply not implemented in the game mode with 32 player slots. If anyone has a complaint or question, feel free to send a private message to @ dog] , @ Smile :) or my @ FaZio' -sG Management
  3. Updated 10/15/20 @ [D]arkLord Added as Trial Admin. Good luck.
  4. You can write these types of substitutions here. Thread moved to Trash
  5. I respond to the suggestion. The mod you are mentioning is a very complex mod to create, if not to say impossible. What we can do is add a limiter of 3 JP per team (like the awp in DD2). But, the vips will have the benefit of being able to buy it in an unlimited way. And in turn the price will go down a bit. As for the rocket; no, it will not be changed for the reasons already mentioned in different threads of this same topic. Avoid saying such comments, tell me or staff in a private message.
  6. Thread moved to Introduction
  7. Incorrect section. Comment here if you want your 500 free points: Thread moved to Trash
  8. Thread moved to Introduction
  9. Creeria que puedes comprar un beneficio en todos los servers actuales incluyendo los de TM, ya que pertenecen a SG. Notifico a @ N3l$0n- y @ Mr.happy^^ para que te comenten mas de la situación. /saludos
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