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  1. Answer the questions Mr. Happy asked you to recover your points.
  2. @ [-> - == BZTK == - <-] Follow these steps and your points will be refunded.
  3. @ [-> - == BZTK == - <-] Submit a photo of your current points. And other photo of your previous points. Looking at his gameme profile I didn't find anything outstanding; Raso soldier rank, no weapons in gold, no achievements, a low amount of kills and 67% of your time in spect. Can you justify the loss of "8,238 points" with an old SS or a demo? Otherwise, you could be charged with illicit enrichment and lying to the community for profit. http://silentgamerz.gameme.com/playerinfo/2648799
  4. SilentGamerZ Zombie Plague - Official Server Intruction How to Play There are two teams on the map that will form throughout the zombie infection: Terrorists (Zombies) and Antiterrorists (Humans). The main objective of the game for humans is to survive from zombies as long as possible and when one of them transforms you, you must try to infect your old teammates to spread the plague. Basic information The server has a store that can be opened by pressing the "M and 2" key, there you can buy different specific items depending on the points you have. Integrates the bhop ability for humans and zombies, also the parachute plugin that is activated if we hold down the "E" key. There is a happy hour that starts at 7 o'clock and ends at 24 o'clock. In this time period, you can enjoy the benefits of the basic VIP. The server integrates a wide variety of modes, which you can see its description here. There are two (2) special round that will be activated automatically in round four (4) with a random mode. And another one in round eight (8), which is the nemesis / survivor. The server integrates the Boss game mode, which you must beat together with your companions, if you manage to defeat you will be awarded 500 points. Server Commands "/get": You will get 20 points for writing this command. And if you use the sG tag, you will receive 25 points. (One time per map) "/loto": You will get an item depending on your luck. (One time per map) "/lucky": With this command you can lose or earn points. (One time per map) "/rtv": Rock the vote. After 5 minutes into the new map, you will be able to type "rtv" in the chat in order to vote for another map. (One time per map) "/ejaculate" and "/piss": By writing this command you can urinate or ejaculate. (One time per round) "/gameme": You can see your gameme directly from the game. "/rs": Reset your score. "(short words) /im and /sb": By writing this you can put a sb or laser faster "/vip": A window will open and you can see the benefits of vip. "/icon": The number on the left side of your screen disappears. "/coins": They are obtained by killing a certain number of zombies and can be exchanged for points. "/knife": You will hide your knife and you will be empty-handed. "/cam": You can see yourself from 3 different angles. "/boss": Command to nominate a boss every two (2) hours. "Nom z (nominate map)": To nominate a map you need to type this command and select which map do you want to nomiante. "/bet": You can bet a limited number of coins. "/hud and hudhh": Disable HUD from screen. "/showkeys": You can see your showkeys and those of the other players. Appear in the lower right corner Server Rules These are the most important server rules. Zombie Plague - Official Server Rules Camp in gamemodes Zombie Plague - Official Admin Rules How To Get Free points Here are some variations on how to get free points: Get 500 Free Points (For user in the forum) Get 1500 Free Points (For youtube video) Get 3000 Free Points + Elite Vip for 1 Month (For create a map) Important Commands "/fps": With this command you can reduce the things that cause fps drops. "/donate": With this you can donate SHOP points to other players, depending on what the system leaves you. "/donatecoins": You can donate your remaining coins to a colleague if you wish. "/models": It is a menu that allows you to give your character a skin depending on the points you have in the shop. These skins range from 10k to 50k points. "/barter": You can change your game hours for points using this command. "/party": You can have a party with a friend and between the two get more coins in a plural way. To add another member to the party, you must retype the command and select the "add member" option (1). To eject a member from the party, type the command again and select the "eject member" option (2). To destroy the party, you must retype the command and select the "destroy party" option (3). "/glow": It is a special command that will allow you to give a glow of the color you want to your character. Zombie Plague Menu This menu is opened by pressing the "M" key and is one of the highlights of ZP, since among its variants it has the following things: Buy Weapons It is the option Number 1, it can be used to buy the weapons by default of the cs in case you forget to buy them at the beginning. Buy Extra Item Here you can find a wide variety of objects to fight against zombies or humans. Here you can see the list of variants: Humans Zombies Chose the zombie class Here you can choose a zombie with different abilities according to your taste. You can see the zombie abilities pressed here. Special Menu Items You can use a list of specific items depending on the points you have. Restricted options (Admin, Basic, elite and legendary VIP) Restricted options. You can only enter them and their benefits if you are VIP / Admin. It integrates option four (4), seven (7), eight (8), and nine (9). You can see its price and benefits here. and here Boss The biggest attraction of the server. He is a giant boss that you must defeat along with the rest of your companions. And if you can beat it, you will earn 500 points.
  5. When we did the map recommendation thread, they should have flooded the thread with maps. When you reopen the thread you can drop your nominations, for now look for good maps.
  6. Thread closed to avoid spamming. Wait for Might to reply.
  7. Updated 08/01/20: @ L3gend He resigned as admin charge. Good luck in his future endeavors. @ Angela and @ canadian_shooter Added as donator. Thanks for your supporting.
  8. Contact me if you have any questions. Read This: (In your case no need use the sG tag)
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