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  1. Zombie Man


    Cualquiera mata a ese noob! @ wicho - el patron
  2. Zombie Man


    QUE ATREVIMIENTO!!! Me mataste por la espalda mientras me disparaban
  3. From a player perspective, the Nuke map is bad. The players prefer a fresh map and not always the same maps, for that reason he proposed to change it to Vertigo or Blue. The blue map was one of the best additions to the map list.
  4. What do you think of replacing nuke with Crossfire, this map is one of the most played and recognized in the history of half-life and is available for cs 1.6. The only bad thing is that it is not available in ctf mode, maybe someone can add it https://gamebanana.com/maps/173850 Remember that nuke is the map with the most falls in the entire list
  5. They should add Vertigo and blue and replace rats and nuke. I would like to hear the opinion of @ The Cocoman or @ painhappy
  6. It's a very good idea satea, we should try the maps on a private server or as the forgotten "Sneaky is testing". We could use this server to test these types of maps and discuss between performance and admins about their performance @ The Cocoman @ painhappy please vote for this idea
  7. The snow map is a classic and one of my favorites personally, when the game is the full map of Gano around (400 points). In my opinion I say you should stay (no vouch) I agree with you for removing the map "de_ratts_1337" and "cs_office". Honestly these maps do not adapt to the game mode. Only campers are noticed. (vouch) The "De_nuke" map is the one with the most falls, apart from being one of the least chosen maps. I suggest you change it to "Blue." The blue map has a great history in the community, also being one of the old ones. (vouch)
  8. I repeat it again. I wrote "@ There is no camp!" on the screen, maybe you didn't see it. Don't beat anyone, just say slap and slay. Well, if you could take me more than 20 years but as mainly given "It doesn't matter age but maturity" Att: I'm 16 years old The last word has it @ The Cocoman
  9. @ Bruce I gave you slaying three times and, according to the rules, I should have kicked you. You also can't tell me what name I should and shouldn't use, unless you are a manager,staff or leader .And so far don't ban anyone with that name, so that part of your dialogue has little argument. https://silentgamerz.org/banned/bans/index.html
  10. For starters I am "Unknown". Yes, I will not deny it, I gave slay to the players who camp in an area like the windows of the tt base. And in your case you were with an "SG-550", faster attack and infinite bullets in front of the entrance of the TT base. What do you suppose to do? Congratulate you? And don't kill everyone the server as you indicate. You also started attacking me friend. I think @ The Cocoman knows more about these types of camps
  11. Check this demo, is other bug map mapbug.dem
  12. Today, at 4pm (Argentina time), the Nuke map won the election and the players could not enter for some strange reason, only 8 join players and 22 players (including me) entered the spectator I know that it is not allowed to change the map, but I was forced to do so. I apologize
  13. @ The Cocoman Yes, so far it has happened to me 4 times. It really happens randomly on any map. @ N3l$0n- That also happens sometimes by this same error, today I have to see how the vote won fy_snow and reappeared in de_dust2_2006
  14. Lately in ctf we have noticed that when choosing the following map this selection of maps has errors. For example, the vote wins Dust2 and we reappear in Nuke. I think most administrators and players noticed this. Possibly it is a mistake of names and not of maps. Try to fix this please.
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