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  1. Look another one... What the hell are you talking about being justified? I didnt insult him first, he insulted me and that 30 minutes gag was Exessive... u just wanna suck up to whoever it is that ur master is by jumping on the bandwagon with the rest of those who are too scared to stand up to injustice being done here.. Also, u have never killed me like that even with bunnyhopping, when you get good i’ll let u know;)
  2. Its official, you are high on something.... You are the one who's the SNAKE here, u tried to hide the comments that NEWYORK made towards me and used only my comments... You are definitely worst then CNN.. #FAKENEWS
  3. I have seen many SNAKES and Many FAKES in my life, but never have i seen one like you, you are the kind of guy who gets a new job and goes to the boss of the bussiness to talk shit about the older workers and spread FAKE NEWS just so u can get promotions at that job lmao... what a joke!!! Also, DUDE WTF, nobody cares about the AOG crap u have, I wasn't talking about another community, I was talking about my time in SG not that loser community u were part of
  4. This is how i know you are a SNAKE>.... U purposly left out the message that he sent towards me FIRST and only used the text that i sent... what a loser... this is the more accurate 108oNEWYORKERoyou must be one of those imbreed racist Mar 23, 2020 5:32:45 pm108oNEWYORKERowhy would fags queers homosexual or alphabet peoplenot be able totalk Mar 23, 2020 5:32:27 pm3[sG]Ne!$0ni was staff in AoG back then Mar 23, 2020 5:32:27 pm12snewyork i didnt know fags could talk** Mar 23, 2020 5:32:23 pm46iHophaahahahahah Mar 23, 2020 5:32:13 pm108oNEWYORKERoson Mar 23, 2020 5:32:11 pm12si rememebr u as well Mar 23, 2020 5:32:10 pm108oNEWYORKERowhen i was with yoru mom you were born Mar 23, 2020 5:32:04 pm3[sG]Ne!$0nlol Mar 23, 2020 5:31:57 pm12sstaff* Mar 23, 2020 5:31:53 pm12spus when i was stagg u weree in dipers I was talking to u and out of nowhewere that guy insulted me FIRST... stop being a SNAKE NElson, wow u are an even greater SNAKE then i thought... #FAKENEWS
  5. This is the THIRD Time u have gagged me unfairly and excessively... Also, the logs are there and there is NOWHERE of me talking to him, I was talking to you when i said ''pus'' and when i said '' by the end of this game pus won't have any manhood left'' as a joke as we always joke and if u got that as an offense then i dont know what to say... but u knew i was talking to u and not that other guy.... Also, i don't understand most of the things u say, you need to learn better english
  6. I don't even remember you ... but i NEVER disrespected anyone without someone provoking or insulting me first... But u seem to have a personal grudge so... Thank you for appreciating my contributions I was gagged by your admin @ N3l$0n- for 30 minutes which is excessive for literary asking him to do his job and ban the player ''NEW YORK'' for insulting me... You said i abuse my admin powers and so u removed my access, but as for Nelson, he can do whatever he wants to without consequences? This is the third time it has happened and two other times i havent reported it I didn't mention my ''old friends'' to try and make any statements against to whoever is in charge now, i only mentioned them while i was giving a brief history of my time in this community. I, I, I dont even know what to say right now... Well, there may be many ppl who may be better than me but you aren't one of them no matter how much bunny hoping or invisibility u do even tho i haven't played for almost a year ok pus Plus, what the hell are you talking about? I wasn't even talking to that guy for him to insult me... Also, What does Kosovo have to do with any of this??? Are you high guy?
  7. I started in this community around the time it had just formed many years ago(When many of u were in diapers..jk lol)... I first began playing on sG servers (CTF mostly) on 2014-2015 and fell in love with the community... i then signed up on the forum and began to rank up (like a soldier xD)... First, I became a trial admin (had 171 bans with 1 successful appeal xD, beat that lol) then i became admin then DR then I became a Staff back when SafOo was here (Great guy)... I remember when SOME of you who are in high positions (Owners, Leaders or Staff or DR) now, used to come to me for help when many of u had just started in the community. ''Oh hey albo can u put in a word for me' please broo''' ''hey albooo how you doing brotherr, wow its so nice to see you'' ''hey albo we missed u man where have u been''. Now, many of those people don't even say hello anymore(with the exception of @ MrOtstej> who treats everyone with same respect) ... Now, all i get is disrespect on all sides from getting banned multiple times by different admins, getting my admin access removed (literally only had cduie access and got removed because some people here feel like i curse to much even though many of them provoked me first or insulted me first)....to being treated like sh*t by someone like @ N3l$0n- who gagged me for 30 minutes (which is excessive) AFTER the fact that i asked @ N3l$0n- to ban a player on server who insulted me when i wasn't even talking to him...I don't know what this dude's problem is, ( could be because he got knifed 3 times while bunnyhoping xD) , but gagging someone 30 minutes when he gets insulted by another player first is excessive in my book.....This wasn't the first time that's happened, it has happened two more times before but i didn't report it... I have noticed that many of these people keep getting promoted quick or get ''special protection'' by many of you higher ups, which i don't blame you, you need the money for the community so i can understand that... BUT if money is what you people want, just know that the money and the contributions I have made for this community (which has switched hands so many times by so many different Owners) is a lot more than SOME of you here.... I also know that i too tend to curse a lot or get angry with people on server but that's only because i get provoked or insulted FIRST.... I do agree that i curse a lot too tho xD... I am not asking for access to anything or special treatment (like many of these people get), all am asking is for you people on the ''higher ground'' to talk to your admins to leave me the fuk alone and stop always trying to pick a fight on servers.. It always seems to be someone who wants to start something... STOP gagging me unfairly and excessively just because u have a personal grudge against me.. STOP slapping/slaying or banning me for BS reasons all the time on servers... Leave me the hell alone, let me enjoy the game in peace, it seems I am the only LEGEND here that gets the end of the stick all the time after everything I have done for this sG community but now ppl want to erase all that by saying ''Oh albo is so disrespectful he even lost his admin access''' '' albo your behavior has lead to where you are''' ''hey lets have a meeting to talk about how else we can screw albo'' .... I haven't done anything to u ppl to be treated unfairly....
  8. you know what's a good map? Fy_buzzkill, reminds me of the time i was younger xD
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