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  1. Yes i wish return this M3 and Remove MP5 this gun so old and better for some players
  2. No No No Bro Corssfire its So bad and i konw that map its good just no for ctf So small and so camp and have many of better maps from this Crossfire its bad .. i play it nuclear in our language just its small ..
  3. HHHH Like u Want If u think this i will Play ts just i Want remove it because its Good And Not Camping Just Rushers And Do Fight together just ...
  4. My name In-Game : |JustWatch| My SteamID : 1137344949 It was almost : Just better i think Approximately 50k
  5. I say the following: Don't delete the map: cs_office ... and add: Italy and badlands Good for playing and great There aren't a lot of camps in it and the rest I don't care about and it's best to remove them from rough terrain Just
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