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  1. @ Sheep idk how to put on those plugin brotha but yea we need them back !! haha @ MainlyCute sorry for disturbing we might got something here those new laylow skins arnt bad! or we can bring avengers/dbz one! i dont mind !
  2. @ Sheep it would be a good idea to bring them back for admins/vip , people like those kind of extras would be a good opportunity for them to visit Us after!
  3. yeah on fatal i got ironman skin which is funny , ppl in dd2 used to have DBZ / Avengers one. Was funny can we put it back for Vip or its useless , just givin my opinion
  4. Goodluck and take care buddy , Merry Xmas to you ! keep it up
  5. Tried this way and it still doesnt work... it says it changed it but doesnt apply/change ingame
  6. Some players seem to have problem changing their name on dd2 server , i noticed myself that i cant change peoples name with amx_nick via console , it says i changed it but doesnt apply/change on the screen.. anyone else having this problem? thanks
  7. im not against closing B site below 5 cts tbh. Some people keep planting B even if its 4v3 , gets almost free points everytime since the bomb timer is short. my opinion
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