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  1. Thanks for the heads up bro ! ill try to work on bans , even tho server seems more clean than before which is good! Cheers !!
  2. i totally agree @ Jboy , and hes from the same country hes the same guy but on a steam account now ! ill ban him on sight but thats why i pmed mainly cuz she can do it from the Web.
  3. i already PM @ MainlyCute yesterday about it.. i got my eyes on him. But not sure he deserves a second chances @ D.K.
  4. A quick TAB press and you can see who carry the bomb but indeed some people might find it difficult to see 2 or 3 red dots lol
  5. Softness

    Plan for DD2

    Nice ideas bro! 100% all in with closing b site under 5v5 , you can allow them to go B but not planting at least! For sound effect i like them but as jboy said i always use footstep/gun shot to guide me.. i may lost track if i heard too much sound effect even for 2 sec.
  6. Totally agree with this my friend cheers
  7. I gotta ask because some players (BOTMAN) asked me if we could turn it off/reduce the +15 health after a kill because its not 'fair'. I mean i know its part of the VIP/admin package but in the same time it gives some good player a HUGE advantage. Im not against that +15 since some people might want it and pay for VIP but still i gotta ask for your opinions guys ! plus this rule was up even before i joined sG ! talking about DD2 24/7 here. what you think?
  8. Tbh im 100% in for that plugin ( close B site ) when we have less than 4-5cts , less people camping tunnel , game will be faster , no waste points on B planting when its 2Ts vs 1CT.. anyway my opinion!
  9. Are we going forward with this?
  10. @ Sheep idk how to put on those plugin brotha but yea we need them back !! haha @ MainlyCute sorry for disturbing we might got something here those new laylow skins arnt bad! or we can bring avengers/dbz one! i dont mind !
  11. @ Sheep it would be a good idea to bring them back for admins/vip , people like those kind of extras would be a good opportunity for them to visit Us after!
  12. yeah on fatal i got ironman skin which is funny , ppl in dd2 used to have DBZ / Avengers one. Was funny can we put it back for Vip or its useless , just givin my opinion
  13. Goodluck and take care buddy , Merry Xmas to you ! keep it up
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