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  1. @ daniel Yes, I have been connecting for 3 days and nothing at all, of course I do not play for a long time than if 1 hour per day, but I think it will be difficult to agree, if another person could help me I would appreciate it
  2. let me know when I have the lap points that yesterday and today I connect and I still don't have them avisenme cuando tenga los puntos de vuelta que ayer y hoy me conecte y aun no los tengo
  3. @ wicho - el patron Jajajaja gracias hermano te amo ! te lo agradece un hincha q proximamente sera campeon de america nuevamente ! @ Ragini15 The only proof I have is that I changed my id without knowing the reason, but well wicho I will give them again and thanks for being aware Ragini I love you
  4. @ Nymph Ya postie pero nadie me responde I already postie but nobody answers me
  5. Good Morning ! Usually, I don't speak much English, but I would like to know why I don't have my points, they were suddenly erased and I would like you to please recover them, I had 38 thousand points or 37 thousand I don't remember anymore and now I don't have them, I imagine that you have the record of how much exactly I had in points, Someone please help me first of all, thanks Name: [Aab~Jeanki'] New Steam id: _0:0:596643457 @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ wicho - el patron zm_apprehension0000.bmp
  6. Good morning ! I do not usually speak much English, but I would like to know why I do not have my points, they were erased suddenly and I would like them to please recover them, I had 38 k in points and now I do not have them, someone to help me please first of all, Thanks Name: [Aab~Jeanki'] New Steam id: _0:0:596643457
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