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  1. if the zombies run from the spawn , maybe reduce humans freeze nade into 1 nade only but extend the duration of freeze 30 milliseconds more
  2. Instead of zombies escaping along side humans. Make zombies respawn from the start, add extra ammo packs when humans succesfully escape (5 or 10) Maybe add knockback to janus electric attack
  3. Elohim


    Thanks for your continuous donation!!!
  4. @ King of mummies Demoted because he broke one of the rules. Good luck
  5. Thanks for your donation!
  6. Thanks for your donation!
  7. @ D.K. ah about it. so @ Knife Noob was inactive for 6 days. (i took the photo on 13th sep) and i talked to itachi about it, and he said ok, extend his trial for a week.
  8. I will pm itachi
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