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  1. Como estas amigo, te he visto muy activo en el servidor me alegro que te intereses en comprar vip en el servidor. Aqui esta toda la informacion: Si no lo entiendes usa el traductor de google. Hay 3 tipos de vip el basico cuesta 10 dolares, el elite 15 y el legendario esta 20 (este ultimo es el que mas compran). El ser vip te muchas ventajas como podras ver en el link que te puse. Los pagos son mediante paypal. Buena suerte espero que esto te haya ayudado, sientete libre de preguntar si tienes alguna duda.
  2. @ Zombie Man Vos sos más manco que wicho con su cuchillo atras de un jugador y que no puede matarhahahaha
  3. @ Zombie Man In my personal experience using the m3 gives me much more speed than the mp5, besides that the players would not have options with someone who comes with a gigantic speed and with a single shot I end up with the player, even if he has 150 hp. As stated before, mp5 is the most balanced weapon for CTF. On my part I don't see why change that unless you want to die at my hands every moment ...
  4. I say it for the other players for me it is easy to earn points since it is very difficult for someone to catch me, I do not need to camp with sbs. Anyway, @ wicho - el patron what do you think about this?
  5. It costs 90 points. Do you know how much it costs to collect that amount of points playing normally? For players who have a lot of points, earning more points is more difficult. Climbing it more would cause an imbalance, between the playability of humans and zombies.
  6. Thats an Ip, put ur steam ID not ur ip.
  7. Boca va a ganar la libertadores este año Wicho, asi que calmado
  8. Ese Dollar siempre amargo hahaha a ver cuando te veo bebé para que ya no estes tan estresado ❤❤❤ Que disfrutes tu cumpleaños bro. Mis mejores deseos a ver cuando te vuwlvo a trolear xD ....
  9. For the special rounds, I don't see any reason for make a change. Now what happens when @ reliableakura plays is the following: when he gets the highest score. He disconnects 15 or 25 seconds after the last round begins in all of them. It make another player take his place but it is somewhat annoying because he wastes the time of neme round. Ragini and me have told him if he is going to disconnect, do it before the last round begins to which he replied that he does not intend to pay any attention to those instructions. So the staff can tell him, if what he is doing is right or not. I agree that the special rounds should be random including the last one. I remember that in an already extinct community whenever there was going to be a special round, a question appeared to each player asking if he wanted to be chosen in the special round or not. Add this could be something magnificent but it depends on @ wicho - el patron since he is the one in charge of the server. That would be all thanks.....
  10. No problem, enjoy ur stay in our servers.
  11. Just say a warning to everyone that automatic hyperscroll is prohibited on our servers, you can do all the gstrafing and sgs you want, I told you on 3 or 4 occasions that it was a warning for everyone I don't know; if you don't understand me, since you kept telling me that you weren't using that even though I told you it's a warning. That's all I hope you now understand what I was saying was a warning to everyone and do not stay afk when you are zombie go try.
  12. https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/topic/104-basic-elite-legendary-vip-for-zombie-plague-prices-and-benefits/ Vip information for Zp.
  13. The campament meter would be good, I have seen a lot of players use the invisibility skill and stay in dark areas, killing a lot of players and staying there all over the map. The camp counter would be a good addition.
  14. Will you donate if we accept them as an administrator? That sounds bad ... If someone donates, it is because they want to help the server and not to look for something for their own benefit by skipping vip or admin purchases. The administration is given to those who prove that it meets all the requirements, of the demos that you published only 1 was a hacker, the others were totally clean and you were not even seeing the player you banned. That is why he has not been accepted as administrator. I hope you understand that.
  15. That problem also happened to me a few months ago, reinstalling it will not work. Verify that any program such as Windows defender or your antivirus in some way does not block any of the features of cs. Since, like you, my cs did not enter sG servers but it did enter others. Good luck...
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