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  1. Joker

    Zest owned again

    Que sensible estas, quizas estas en esos dias ❤❤❤
  2. Joker

    Zest owned again

    yo lo acuchille mas de 5 veces y no presumo como un noob xD
  3. Thanks for the suport, don't kill me please hahaha Enjoy it!!!!
  4. Adding a camp meter would be excellent for this type of map since if you do not have the fps of 250+ you can not leave without being killed the only option if you do not have fps would be using the invisibility item but it is still very disadvantageous for terrorists ...
  5. If you have not claimed them previously you can claim the 500 points.
  6. Thanks for the suport bahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh I don't remember what the sound of the sheep was like... Sorry for that
  7. Wicho needs you to be playing on the server to add your points, so if you see him on the server, send him a message.
  8. The only option is to use the jumps and commit suicide to reappear in the safe zone.
  9. Como estas amigo, te he visto muy activo en el servidor me alegro que te intereses en comprar vip en el servidor. Aqui esta toda la informacion: Si no lo entiendes usa el traductor de google. Hay 3 tipos de vip el basico cuesta 10 dolares, el elite 15 y el legendario esta 20 (este ultimo es el que mas compran). El ser vip te muchas ventajas como podras ver en el link que te puse. Los pagos son mediante paypal. Buena suerte espero que esto te haya ayudado, sientete libre de preguntar si tienes alguna duda.
  10. @ Zombie Man Vos sos más manco que wicho con su cuchillo atras de un jugador y que no puede matarhahahaha
  11. @ Zombie Man In my personal experience using the m3 gives me much more speed than the mp5, besides that the players would not have options with someone who comes with a gigantic speed and with a single shot I end up with the player, even if he has 150 hp. As stated before, mp5 is the most balanced weapon for CTF. On my part I don't see why change that unless you want to die at my hands every moment ...
  12. I say it for the other players for me it is easy to earn points since it is very difficult for someone to catch me, I do not need to camp with sbs. Anyway, @ wicho - el patron what do you think about this?
  13. It costs 90 points. Do you know how much it costs to collect that amount of points playing normally? For players who have a lot of points, earning more points is more difficult. Climbing it more would cause an imbalance, between the playability of humans and zombies.
  14. Thats an Ip, put ur steam ID not ur ip.
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