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  1. 2 servers have been introduced recently and they're trying to finish them, so I don't think there's an addition of any new servers.
  2. It's just knowing how to move, you don't need to be "vip".
  3. I'm not even going to do it. I'm about to retire of this game, and I'm not going to spend time trying to show it to someone.
  4. https://www.silentgamerz.org/topic/2336-custom-event-for-zp-players/
  5. Savitar


    Jut look at this: Very beautiful hahaha
  6. @ RICLYX1337 Make a report in this section: https://www.silentgamerz.org/forum/24-cheater-reports/ ,do it with a demo because without it we can do nothing, in addition to putting the Steam_ID of the player who is breaking the rules. And follow this format: https://www.silentgamerz.org/topic/94-cheater-report-format/ That's all thanks.
  7. That's why everyone likes the trailer hahaha (Joking ), you're a good player, good to see you here.
  8. Savitar

    Bug Vip Basic?

    @ wicho - el patron
  9. @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ MainlyCute Thanks for the support mate!!! See u in game.
  10. @ LS7 Thanks for your donation!!! Enjoy ur vip, see u in game....
  11. Thanks for the donation!!! Congratulation to the person who received the gift.
  12. hhhh Thanks for the donation!!! P.S: And thank you for the special weapons I get when I kill you.
  13. Now it is easier to get the flag of the Ts, but to get the one of the Cts is more difficult, either by the campament of the whole Ct team on the bridge and the roof. In the end, there is always an imbalance, so just enjoy the game. Good luck!!!!
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