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  1. I Suggest to remove all DE and CS maps, as a result of bug players get 999 points in every rounds .
  2. Energy bro 999 pointsare added in CS And DE Maps .
  3. Salah Eg

    Huge bug

    there is a bug in ZE server 999 points each round in DE And CS Maps . Proof : SS @ Jader @ Itachi @ Stryker cs_italy0002.bmp
  4. @ Jader Suppose that 5 were successful, including 3, their level is normal, but they are professionals, and the drawing was made for another person. It must be like ZP, for example, all players are against each other, and it is not random
  5. All these are grandmother's ideas, but I have not played nor once. I want someone to teach me about them, suggesting why the competition is not in all servers and making the number of players more than 32 so that each person takes his chance to win. @ dog] It saddened me by your saying that you will choose randomly, why do not you put everyone in a stage when everyone is against each other and the winner is so that no one is wronged
  6. When will the competition start in the ZP?
  7. I have a comment that could spoil the plan completely, unfortunately We are now in the era of Coved 19, so we find a lot of players. After the epidemic, you may find the world is mostly in its work. That is why I suggest that the competition be in the official holidays and also be at night so that people are at home so I also suggest that the prizes be fun and increase the supervisors so as not One of them cheats and selects a new server with more numbers of players so that everyone has the opportunity to win good luck for the site
  8. Hi dk, i want you to agree to my request to be a supervisor, please i have been playing for over a year, please agree

    1. D.K.



      Want any help from me?

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