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  1. Welcome to the forums; I believe most admins will take their time to ban the cheaters, but everyone has different schedules, especially when it comes to leisure. If you do see a cheater, discretely use the say_team command by pressing 'U' and @ and say the username of the person on which team is cheating, as to not alert them that they will be watched. Hope you'll have a better experience playing and enjoy! -bigt
  2. As softness stated, server seems to be cleaner, for the hours that we play anyway, so ban count is questionable for evaluation. I'd be happy to see no bans across the as long as admins take the time to spectate suspicious players.
  3. top 10 name has changed too; think he might be adriano09 on gameme rank. his score was around 7100 before
  4. lol yes i do that, but when im on CT and i see a guy carrying a pack, i can make the wrong call make these 'skins' models so it can be disabled with cl_minmodels
  5. ability to disable skins, especially when the captain america one has a bag that looks like bomb and VIPs are red on radar like bombholder @lordchaos that is just a generic server setting; mp_forcechasecam 1
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