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The Mighty Don't Kneel

Zombie Plague Official Team Roster

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Updated 01/05/2020:

  • @ Barnzz  has been promoted as Co-Server Manager of the Server. Congratulations.
  • Reorganized and time-tabbed the time of service of each member of the Team.
  • @ Fsssuy  has voluntarily stepped down due to real-life matters. We wish him luck in his future endeavors.
  • Members marked with an asterisk have an uncertain time of service. @ MrKiller , @ #Tortilla# TheFath3r , please inform your Team Leaders the date you were appointed Server Admins in order to have the date edited. 
  • @ Pyro , @ wicho - el patron , @ Joker , @ Barnzz , please keep this thread updated, and add any information I may have missed.
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Updated 13/02/22020

@ xPose`  is on a hiatus temporarily as trial admin due to personal reasons. 

@ Goku  is undergoing a 2 weeks admin trial, goodluck ❤️ 

Edited by Barnzz
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