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Capture the Flag Patch Notes & Updates

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The Mighty Don't Kneel

»Patch Notes & Updates«

This thread will be used to post about, as the title suggests, Patch Notes and Updates of the Capture the Flag Items and Special Features.

Every month or when it's necessary, we are going to provide information about the current state of our server. Including changes such as:

Buffs - Nerfs - Additions - Adjustments

The patch history will be available on the comments below, with the current version of the Capture the Flag posted below.

» Capture the Flag Team responsible of Notes and Updates: @ N3l$0n-  @ FaZio'



Patch v.0.1.
By The Cocoman


"Happy New Year 2020! To start the new year with a bang, we are going to make some changes around the whole community, including the Capture the Flag server. From now on, we are going to announce the changes to our server in a bulletin-looking notes on this thread, so try to read it from time to time.

We are going to start by dealing with some reported balancing issues on some items from the CTF Shop, alongside some updating and upkeeping that's needed after the Christmas Events and other general stuff."



○ [VIP Only] Godmode:

"We've had a lot of complaints about the Godmode, specially since it's being used too aggresively against regular players, offering no counterplay to it. Therefore we are just gonna break it some more, because we can… just kidding, it's a way to balance the nerfs we are explaining lines below."

» Duration: 10 > 15 seconds 

○ Bomber:

"Some months ago we received also complaints about the limits to the Bomber feature, which used to be deliberately used by many players to spawncamp/spawnkill enemies as many times as one would desire. The balancing has been effective so far, so we are going to test out a light buff to see how it goes."

» Usage: 1 > 2 times per spawn

○ Light Zombie Gun:

"This cute little gun, and my personal favourite, has been neglected for a long time by most players, giving more preference to stronger options such as Janus. So we've decided to give our dear Zombierella some well deserved buffs on her stats."

» Damage: 1.20 % regular damage > 1.30% regular damage

» Clip: 30 bullets > 35 bullets

○ [VIP Only] Violin:

"The Golden AK47 has always been the go-to gun of most VIP players, stealing most of the spotlight from other weapons available in the shop. After the nerfs to the AK47, it's just natural we have to take advantage to give some well-deserved recognition to another old classic gun."

» Damage: 1.00% regular damage > 1.40% regular damage

» Fire rate: 1.19% normal fire rate > 1.25% normal fire rate

» Clip: 30 bullets > 35 bullets

○ Mega Knife:

"When we used to have Knife Mod, everyone would use the Berserk Knife which would 1-slash KO most enemies, leaving Mega Knife stranded in oblivion. With these buffs and the Berserk knife gone for good, we believe we are providing a good go-to weapon to players who prefer CQC playstyles."

» Damage: 1.15% regular knife damage > 1.53% regular knife damage



○ [VIP Only] Godmode:

"It might be a blow to many players who liked to feel the power of immortality, but changes are necessary, and even more necessary if something's out of place with the nature of the game: fun. For starters, we're going to try limiting the usage and augmenting the cost of this feature."

» Cost: 60 points > 90 points

» Usage: Unlimited > 1 time per spawn

○ Invisibility:

"´If the enemy's stronger, use intelligence. If the enemy's smarter, use strenght. If the enemy's stronger and smarter, just turn yourself invisible´ used to be a quote of the past for most players now, since we are going to deal with the extensive abuse of the invisibility feature for the sake of balance."

» Cost: 50 points > 70 points

» Usage: Unlimited > 3 times per spawn

○ [VIP Only] No Recoil:

"A realistic shooting game's main objective is offering the player the sensation of gun-killing without the risks of doing so in-real life. Nonetheless, recoil is a characteristic of realistic gun-shooting, so we are going to encourage VIP players to embrace it… for the sake of balance, of course."

» Cost: 30 points > 50 points

» Duration: Infinite > 60 seconds

○ Golden AK47:

"The Apex Gun of the server. It's strength and reliability has made it the favourite gun of everybody, so much that we believe this 24k golden gun needs to reflect its real value some more."

» Cost: 60 points > 100 points

○ Unlimited Clip:

"John Rambo has been an idol for many war-themed games for so long it's normal many players want to be like him and shoot nonstop at the enemy. Nonetheless, Rambo actually bothered aiming at the enemies, instead of just waiting for them to fall in the line of fire, so no need to thank us for making the experience even more believable". 

» Cost: 25 points > 40 points

○ Faster Attack Rate:

"This has been a great option for players overall. Nonetheless, its effectivity and mortality greatly outbalances its low cost, so we're setting costs right and also changing some of its aspects to avoid its abuse."

» Cost: 5 points > 20 points

» Duration: Infinite > 60 seconds

» Usage: Unlimited > 3 times per spawn

○ Mega Knife:

"Since Mega Knife is making its reapparition as a viable weapon again, it's just consequent we also give it the value of the special weapon it is now."

» Cost: 25 points > 50 points



○ [VIP Only] Drugs:

"Real winners don't do drugs, but they're damn fun alright. We're introducing the drugs feature for VIPs, with all the sensation of being high in the clouds and a pair of fair buffs totally free… for now."

» Price: 15 points

» Bonus Health: +10 HP

» Bonus Speed: 1.5%

○ [VIP Only] Vengeance:

"´I… will… come back… WITH GUNS.´ We're reintroducing the Vengeance feature for VIPs, which will increase their survivability rates for a reasonable price."

» Price: 30 points

» Safe Zone Teleportation: 20 HP or less

» Usage: 3 times per spawn



» GameMe Points Reset: In order to give new opportunities to new players, we're going to reset the points on the server as we always do after a couple of months. Good luck to the future Top10s!

» Christmas Map Cycle: It's time to say goodbye to snow and colorful lights for now. It's time to pack the trees and decorations and wait for the new events we have in mind.



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The Mighty Don't Kneel

New Capture The Flag Menu

The Menu has been made by me, i made it similar to the old menu by ReX so people dont get confused pressing different commands and dont really need to get used to anything that new. The updates are simple:

Removed sentry guns from menu

Replaced XP rank with BF2 Rank

Added Gameme Rank

Edited VIP Menu (VIPs Only)

Added Choose Team

Added Reset Score

Added Gag Menu (Admins Only, might change the menu with a different one soon)

Added Amxmodmenu (Admins Only)

1. Special Weapons


3 BF2 Rank

4. GameMe Rank

5. VIP Menu

6. Gag Menu

7. Admin Menu

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The Mighty Don't Kneel

Weapons Shop

Janus5 - 70 vodka, worth $9 500

M16A4 - 55 vodka and worth $5 500

Dual Uzis - 55 vodka and worth $6 000

VIP Weapons

MP40 - VIP only, 35 vodka and worth $6 000.

All these weapons are on trial, they might cause lag or crashes so if you see any problems message me asap. Also on trial is a new auto balance system but a DM one, so every 3 seconds the game will search if there is +2 guy difference on one team and transfer a player on spot (wont wait till someone dies), its on trial and if people complain ill remove it but tested 5 other auto balance plugins and they dont work on ctf. If you have any suggestions feel free to say them

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Lord Chaos

There are a couple of bugs in here firstly when u drop a dual uzi and pick it up it changes to MP40 (a vip model) and at times it doesnt drop and we respawn with those.

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The Mighty Don't Kneel

Best Player MOTD

After every map ends a MOTD will come up with the best player of the maps score, you can also use the in-game command /mystats to see your stats for the map and overall wins.

Jet Pack [ON TRIAL]

Can be purchased for $10 000 from the ctf menu. When you left click and stay on ground you gain a bit of speed, but when you jump and left click you start flying and gain insane speed, that idea is on trial but causes lag so might be removed. When you right click you shoot rockets which take (depends on the radius of the hit) damage, for a precise 10/10 hit you will take away 70 damage at most. You can use rockets every 10 seconds.


Can be bought for $3 500 and as soon as you hit below 50 hp you will be returned to your base to avoid death.


Uzi removed due to being too overpowered, ethereal also removed due to being a combo gun and overall being kind of bad. Added Brick Peace back.

As there are plenty of updates going on i need your guys feedback, what to remove what to add what to edit, what bugs are going on. Jetpack is on trial, and it will cause lag spikes if you look at its fire so im crossed between having the speed or just leaving it to rocket only and make it take more Hp. Same as Vengeance, i want to know what you guys think of it, is the price good, should it be below 50 hp, or below 30, or just buy vengeance and get back to your base no matter of the hp. I have a bad feeling about brick peace and i feel like it might cause crashes and lag, so if you get crashed, time out or get reliable channel overflow make sure to message me and tell me the situation, what was going on, what weapon you were using etc.

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The Mighty Don't Kneel

Added a different auto balance system. Added no fall damage, currently for everyone might be reduced to vips only later. Added a new semiclip which gives you hud info of the teammate you aim at. Replaced a lot of outdated plugins with newer ones. Replaced the jetpack since it was buggy and added a new one, thanks to wicho - el patron . A whole new shop and xp system might be coming some time in the future, not decided yet.

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The Mighty Don't Kneel

Custom Shop

Its ranked 3 on the server menu, and 4 is to check your points.

1. +30 Health. Worth 40 points, you buy 30 health, can only be used once per map. Will most likely be updated after i hear some feedback.

2. 100 Armor. Might be updated soon depending on feedback.

3. Unlimited clip. For those who don't know what that does, it gives you unlimited bullets so you never have to reload.

4. Unlimited Ammo. Again, but this this it gives you unlimited ammo.

5. Bomber. You buy 8 HE nades, can be used only once per map, going to be updated once i get feedback on it.

6. Silent Footsteps. Its in the title.

7. Faster Speed. Makes you a bit faster (same value as one from vodka), might be updated to be faster or for more points when i get some feedback.

1. Low Gravity. Lowers your gravity by 2x so you can strafe easier.

2. Chameleon (ON TRIAL). Gives you the same skin as the opposition. Overpowered right now so im looking for some feedback on whether i should keep it, and if i do how much points it should cost.

3. Drugs (Fun purpose). Gives you 100 extra health and makes you on drugs, + gives you extra speed.

4. Transparency. Semi Clip view.

5. Invinsibility. Same as on used with vodka. Will be updated once i get some feedback.

6 Double Damage. Berzerk in vodka menu.

7. Godmode (ON TRIAL). Makes you unkillable in the 10 secs you use it.

1. Health Regeneration. Regenerates your HP till it becomes 150. Might update it once i get some feedback. Regenerates 1 HP per second.

2. Armor Regeneration. Regenerates 10 Armor per second till it becomes 150.

3. Goldenk AK47. Extra bullet damage with AK47 with a special golden skin.

4. Faster Attack Rate. Usefull but i think it wont be used as much, your bullets will shoot faster, and you will reload faster.

5. No Recoil. Your weapons have no recoil. Going to be updated once i get some feedback.

6 Mega Knife. Gives you a dagger knife which does double damage.

7. Golden AWP. Golden AWP with double HP damage.

Gain of points

As of now the gain of points is as follows:

Normal Kill: 2 Points.

Headshot Kill: 3 Points.

Knife Kill: 5 Points

Points for VIP:

Normal Kill: 7 Points

Headshot Kill: 8 Points

Knife Kill: 10 Points

NOTE: Points values will be updated at some time so its more balanced.

BF2 and a New XP Ranking system.

Due to the new updates, i have decided to remove the BF2 Rank and replace it with (the old XP System) just updated it a bit. Currently the XP system triggers once the server reaches 6 players, with gaining xp you gain ranks and HP. There are 30 ranks as of now. here they are:

Silver 1 = 0

Silver 2 = 100

Silver 3 = 250

Silver 4 = 500

Silver Elite = 750

Silver Elite Master = 1000

Gold Nova 1 = 1250

Gold Nova 2 = 1650

Gold Nova 3 = 2000

Gold Nova Master 4 = 2500

Master Guardian 1 = 3000

Master Guardian 2 = 3500

Master Guardian Elite = 4000

Distinguished Master Guardian = 4500

Legendary Eagle = 5000

Legendary Eagle Master = 6000

Master Global Elite = 7000

Godlike = 8000

Conor McGregor’s Left Hook = 9000

The Phenomenal One = 10000

GGG = 11500

Game Changer = 13000

One and Only = 14500

5th Round Lawler = 16000

Meme Master = 17500

Almighty = 19000

The Eagle = 20000

Shogun = 22500

Field marshal = 25000

Generalissimus = 30000

Here is how much xp you gain per kill as of right now:

Normal Kill = 5 for normal players, 7 for VIP

Headshot Kill = 6 for normal players. 8 for VIP

Knife Kill = 7 for normal players, 9 for VIP

Grenade Kill = 8 for normal players, 10 for VIP

PS: When i have time ill try to make it possible to give XP per flag capture.

By gaining XP you also gain HP on respawn. Here is how much hp every level gets at respawn.

1 = 101

2 = 102

3 = 103

4 = 104

5 = 105

6 = 106

7 = 107

8 = 108

9 = 109

10 = 110

11 = 111

12 = 112

13 = 113

14 = 114

15 = 115

16 = 116

17 = 117

18 = 118

19 = 119

20 = 120

21 = 121

22 = 122

23 = 123

24 = 124

25 = 125

26 = 126

27 = 127

28 = 128

29 = 129

30 = 130

Future Updates

Other update on the XP Ranking system will be around Special Weapons per Rank. For example, once you reach rank 20 you will gain the power to access some VIP weapons. Once you reach rank 30 you gain VIP. This will be made in the near future once i get everything else sorted out. Once i get more time i might also add a VIP discount on weapons in the custom shop. And finally, to add to the rank system, at some point ill be adding Knife and AWP models (first for DD2), per specific ranks, so once you reach for e.g. rank 3 you unlock raptor Knife skin, and depending on which special items i keep in custom shop i might add special abilities to the upper rank knifes like gravity, extra power, and many more. Will also be updating rank prefixes and admin color chat today hopefully, so before every chat message the players rank will be colored and before his name, and admins+ will get both prefixes.

Now, if you have a problem with some of the updates, or you like them, or you want something to be removed/added/edited, PLEASE either post it here or message me so i know how i can improve the server. Cheers.

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The Mighty Don't Kneel

Jet pack is a bit too much in my opinion

i guess, it was on test but majority of players loved it (contrary to what i thought would happen) so it will stay for now, ill try to find a way for it to not stay on ground when someone dies

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i guess, it was on test but majority of players loved it (contrary to what i thought would happen) so it will stay for now, ill try to find a way for it to not stay on ground when someone dies

Yeah or maybe a command that we can drop it.

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The Mighty Don't Kneel

Custom Shop Updates

Currently opens at respawn.

4th Page of items

HE Damage Multiplier

Doubles your damage with HE nade by 2X.

Zoom on Weapons

Right click and you will zoom with any weapon.

Balrog XI (VIP Only)


Moved to Custom shop, worth 15 points.

Updates to CTF Menu

Vengeance removed due to being added to the custom shop, added Change Team and Useful Information.

Change Team

Useful Information

Click on any number and you will be given a MOTD window in which you can read useful information regarding the matter.

Weapon Skins






HE Grenade

Flash Grenade

Freeze Grenade


If you guys have any feedback feel free to post it here. Cheers.

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