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Field of View (FOV)

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My suggestion. Field of View (FOV) option/command, yes i know, FOV becomes Overpowered option.
sometimes i get Struggle trying play the game, mostly strafing in air or bhopping around.
so i decided to post it here because i don't want to talk about it in Shoutbox. if you disagree about this Suggestion. ignore.

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here's my FOV suggestion options.
Field of View, it makes your gameplay Camera zoomed out and you can see your entire screen very nicely. this game doesn't have it or AMX mod can have FOV option or any gamemods.

Suggested meter:
70 lowest(Default or maybe) or 50/60 lowest(600x800 CRT).

80 medium (for 16:10 aspect ratio monitors).
100 highest-ish (Ultra Widescreen maybe) or 90 highest (1080p / 16:9 aspect ratio / suggested).
or you can even broke the FOV by increasing FOV meter (to 120 fov, everything is faraway when you increased FOV) but it becomes Unplayable gameplay for players who have 720p screen or lower.
here's dependent of any Screen Resolution(s). it can be adjusted and changed and it can fit into your screen resolution but not too perfect.

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