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Limit invisibility

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I suggest to limit invisibility to 5 times on a map and to cut the time to 10 seconds.  Was just playing and xyx and El Renacidio were basically using it the whole map.  They have enough points to buy it non-stop.

And to increase the price.  at 50 points it's too cheap.  I'd say 75 or 100 points.

It's a fun mod but if a top player is gonna use it all the time you can't defend it.   I can kill them with freeze and thor knife but a regular player has no chance.

I welcome thoughts from others.

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This CTF shop item was said to be a tool available to those with low skill (who cannot outaim or outbrain stronger opponents) so instead they can have the option to purchase cloaking to outphysics their foes. I see a ton of top ranked players abusing this item so they can stand outside CT or T base to farm noobs as they try to leave their base to capture the flag. I was in that game Bruce mentioned and the map was de_dust and all of the CTs were trapped in spawn because no one on our team can fight an invisible man who keeps picking off our forces who take as many as 2-3 steps past our flag.

At 50pt cost - someone who owns 2,000 shop points can use this item 40 times and at 15 seconds each would mean they can be invisible for 10 full minutes. That's basically being cloaked for half a map's playtime and getting 2k points is very easy if you are rank 50 and above...

There really should be a limit to how many times an individual player can use invisibility on a map. I say max 5-10 times per map. Anyone who can afford to use more than 10+ a map would be a point horder like xYx or Renacido. If you nerfed the VIP rocket to balance the game, the same should be done with invisibility (there's no counter play to it.) @ dog] @ Jader



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